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Edson Silva I love my native land and I do not have no distrust in declaring this love. In we approach them to commemoration of plus one Day of Independence, will be 188 since 1.822, when in one day Seven of September, in So Paulo, to edges of stream of Ipiranga (today river that has great part of its stream bed punished for all luck of pollution), then the prince Dom regent Peter I would have intentionally: ' ' Independncia or Morte' '. Throughout history, we had still many deaths for the concretion of independence and had those that had not hesitated in suffocating in the force of the weapons the independence of the great majority of the people. With the blind majority, deaf and dumb for convenience or debtor, throughout decades, what if it saw was the band to pass, singing music of pain, hiding moaned of the full calabouos of who it dared to dream in ' ' to leave the free native land or to die for Brazil ' ' , being that the owners of the power almost always applied the second option, with disappearances, arrests, exiles. Who was, fought, it supported certainly was hero. A utopian Quixote of the high one of its horse not to face the mills or that one of spotless uniform to raise symbolically a sword to have the image reflected in stream or picture.

But hero of the freedom in the conception of the word. This is very proud in them and would have to be proud all the Brazilians who now try soft breezes of the democracy conquered with fights, sweat, blood and tears and therefore of inestimable value. If today we are people in the street, either to appreciate a Civic Seven Parade of September, to make a party, to commemorate the victory of our teams, to follow assemblies of the chosen candidate or to choose, we must to whom they had preceded in them and they fought therefore and fits to all we it responsibility to continue fighting so that such rights are kept.

Today cabinet is a mandatory attribute in almost every home. And it is not surprising, because the cabinet – this is the most desired, most thorough, most convenient and desired object interior. That's cabinet, was the ancestor of almost all the furniture, which now exists. From where it all began? The most ancient ancestor of the cabinet was a deck, carved from a tree trunk. It consists not only products but also clothing, utensils. In place of the deck came to lari.

Chest – this is roughly knocked together a box without a lid. When the chest, for convenience, cover, there was a chest. Over time, the trunk lock acquired, handles, decorative elements. He firmly entrenched in the lives of our ancestors, and almost to the end of the 15th century was the most important piece of furniture. Chest differed versatility and mobility. It kept the property (clothing, utensils, provisions), it slept and sat.

Chest was comfortable to wear and is indispensable for long-distance journeys and trips. Homeland cabinet can be considered as Holland. It was there in the late 15th-century chest put on the butt and get a wardrobe. Almost at the same time (early 16th century) in France set to box podstolya and we've got the famous "cabinet" – a chest with hinged lid. And the era of the closet …. Of course, it was like a little present to all of us familiar cupboard standing in every home. He was still wearing a clear trace of its ancestor (Chest) and had handles on the sides. Clothing it is stored on the shelves. Over time, the cabinet was not only functional but elegant element of decorating the interior. Replaced with materials that have appeared luxurious finishes, carving, inlay work and so on. In the late 16th early 17th-century cabinets begin to divide by application – wardrobe, cupboard – a buffet, "cabinet" – a case for storing business records, there is a bureau – bookcase with flip top. Gradually, the cabinet has become less cumbersome, has become more rigorous, practical forms, all of us familiar look. Appeared, new materials, metal parts, folding closet was. It is worth noting that in Asia, known as cabinet long, as in Europe. It was distributed in mosques. Peculiar types of cabinets are found in China and Japan. It is also almost all the people living in hot climates, there is in the interior recess or aperture, functioning cabinet. Thus was the birth of the cabinet. Passing centuries-old way of a simple wooden box has a mirror-glass masterpiece.

We provide the following services: Consultation on the choice of 1C software delivery and installation of the software may install and implement training of staff working with the system Information technology support (ITS) Support put into operation sistemyProdazha 1C. Implementation of 1C. Service 1C. Updates 1C 1C. 1C, 1C, Retail, Manufacturing 1C.

Automation enterprises based on 1C software. '1 C: Enterprise 8 for Ukraine '- automation of accounting and tax accounting. '1 In: Salary and Personnel Administration 8 for Ukraine 'automation of payroll and sales personnel policy. '1 C: Trade Management 8 'modern tool for improving business performance of commercial enterprise. Any 1C services.

In order to solve current problems (eg, urgent update the configuration software, business continuity, create new forms or documents), our specialists are ready to provide one-time services. The company "Aleanza" offers a full range of support services and implementation of software products based on the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8": * software implementation services * Services for localization and internationalization (the creation of interfaces for different languages), software * audit services for the accounting systems timely prevention of human errors that can lead to unnecessary cost client services * Technical Controlling program (periodic technical audit of the operations of users) * audit services business processes * service-user training on-site and remote client * service to refine the software to customer requirements * Customer services and support programs. * Create and adjustment mechanisms of automatic exchange between databases as identical or different configurations * to convert databases in various configurations * operational advice for the timely resolution of emerging issues * information security databases. "1C Enterprise 8" – this is the most powerful and versatile tool for accounting, tax, management accounting and IFRS accounting in one system, which the company realized many years of experience 1C tasks on a platform of "1C Enterprise 7.7" and the international principles of accounting. Working with us, you will get answers to your questions.


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With you the wait will not be perpetual, the problems will not be nothing, and in the distance it does not exist. The understanding goes to prevail, Fight will be for fortifying and the greater always will have to take advantage the days will be pretty and singelos, the respect goes to prevail, always knows to understand the affections soft candies and. Deep and complete kisses Stand out the love If the confidence to exist, nobody goes to lie. The doubt will be extinguished, and the happiness reigns. The questions will be answered, and followed advice. Words will be able to keep silent, so that the eyes come to shine Thus are lived with a true love. That one that wins everything and all This option simply to love I I finished to find In you my Dedicated and affectionate and very considerate love a precious treasure for having me to Allegro you Therefore want to say I to you you love you

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In meeting of Advice, with the present parish priest, it liked repeated times, to say that they mistreated it much and that already it was going to leave the position. The first time I listened to that it seemed normal to me, but this was appellant, and seems because it liked that they said to him that it did not have to do that, because the parish needed much, and that did not make case to those people, since they were envious ones and that Jesus also underwent the same. On tears in the eyes it told that it had dreamed about Jesus, and in his dream Jesus it showed a way to him difficult, and it requested aid to him. Honestly also I was believed that story. All this not would have had importance if something would stay as anecdotal, if it had not given account to me of his strategy to make especially be bad before the parish priest to the people who we worked in the same service, and.

The members of the Council we from time to time had the opportunity to attend the meetings of the other pastoral groups, to be able to coordinate some actions and also to make arrive decisions that were taken in meeting of Pastoral Advice. Certain time Mrs. Gabriela who was the one that always attended these meetings, could not by reason X, then I offered itself to attend a meeting in particular of which I want to narrate next. He was one of the first months of the year, and it had to begin to prepare the one of the parochial raffle of year end. It was necessary to meet with the zone coordinators, to distribute the checkbooks to each coordinator. Mrs. Gabriela could not attend this meeting and I offered myself By reasons for time Mrs. Gabriela had opportunity to meet with the parish priest before each meeting of Advice.

Author Goals

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Which is its true goal? 2. It reads his goals every day When a goal writes, its mind identifies that the place where is not the place where wishes to be and its subconscious mind begins to work to look for forms that allow close a breach between their present reality and the vision of their goal. It writes his 3 I put main and reads them at least three times to the day and it will be surprised how it will begin to identify opportunities that had not seen before and they were within reach of his hand. This process will increase its creativity because its subconscious mind it works the 24 hours of the day. The frequency of this exercise, will activate its mind to look for the best solutions continuously and opportunities, in addition, will increase their motivation. At the difficult moments approach in the problem, better does not read its goals and tries to experiment what felt the first time that thought about that goal. One focuses in the solution, not in the great thing of the problem. 3.

– Its intention Writes, this is the principle most important to reach the wished result, to write which is the intention to reach its goal, it has the capacity to respond, why it wants to reach this goal. It thinks about other goals that have reached previously, certainly was right I take that very hard it to make great sacrifices until achieving the objective. When the intention is sufficiently strong, it will find the form to reach his goal. It will impel it to the intention when one feels discouraged. All the goals that have left previously were because it did not have an intention sufficiently hard. At the beginning why it is more important that how. These three principles seem very simple, knows it to the majority, but they do not use them. Pngalos in practice as of today and will realize that after a time, in spite of problems and obstacles, will arrive at the place that wishes. Ramon Salop original Author and source of the article.

Rossi Towers

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At the moment, it follows the tie. 46': the second part with the great news begins: the debut of Thiago with the Spanish selection. It is necessary to emphasize that Towers have been transferred to a hospital only by precaution. Changes in Spain: Iraola, Casillas and Iniesta have gone away. Villa, Buckets and the mentioned Thiago enter. 1 PART 45+': before the end of the first time another occasion for Italy. Closing of head of Cassano that goes away outside nearly! And the first part finishes. 45': another misfortune: one retires I itched, injured if ankle, it seems to be, and it enters Busquets.

This agrees with the best moments of Spain. Two minutes of addition. 41': Towers have a small cerebral commotion. One is going away to him to realise in moments a TAC, according to communicates the Federation. 38': It goes minutes! Another great opportunity for Italy. This time Cassano, and paradn, down, again of Iker. 36': GOOOOOL OF SPAIN! Penalti in favor of the selection and Xabi Alonso ties for Spain. Penalti on Llorente de Chiellini, that it pushed to him.

Very discussed by the premises. 35': Spain reacts, Cazorla shoots but the ball goes away very high! 31': Paradn de Casillas! The goal of Madrid avoids the second goal of Italy, stopping a hand a hand of Rossi with him. 30': we have the news of Towers. According to it indicates the TVE, the Spanish forward does not undergo anything burdens. There is lost hearing during moments and it has even been possible to get to be annoying. But right now it is well in clothes of the selection. 25': Xabi more is delayed of the habitual thing. It is making workings of Busquets, so to speak. And above, more released, Martinez. Spain follows without finding its game, that has made him be champion of the world! 22': the spirits of the Italians do not calm, that continue squashing Spain.

More Muscle

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You could teach to me how to gain muscle quickly? You could teach me how to accumulate of 4. 5 to 6. 8 kilos of muscular mass before my following vacations? You could help me to prepare me for my first competition of physical culturismo or physical preparation? You could help to see me me like that really it raises weights? You could help to develop a body me that makes turn around the heads and demands respect? Because I am a skinny expert in culturismo, daily they do these questions to me in my office. Each and every one of the people who cannot develop muscle easily want to know how how to gain fast muscle and how to do it of safe and effective way. Friendly to which it costs to develop musculatura to them, please listen! There is hope for you. It pleases to me to say, that to learn how to gain fast muscle it is not as difficult as some of you could believe but it is not as easy either as they could think.

Nevertheless, they must be preparations stops to train of more intelligent way and not more duro. They do not misinterpret, I am not speaking to me of flojear during your training. I talk about the general vision to train intelligently. Next I present/display the advice to you more popular than I give him to those who he costs to develop musculatura to them when they wish to gain fast muscle. 1.

Never You do More than 10 Repetitions. When beams more than 10 repetitions when rising weights you are emphasizing your muscular fibers of slow contraction which have less opportunity to develop muscle. You are a person to whom it costs to develop muscle to him and must recruit the maximum amount of muscular fibers in each series.

Andrew Corentt

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Bargaining: It means that our mind begins to yield certain things, is probable that already we watch some indications of possible fruits, this is like a flexion point, we are leaving the situation previous but still there are rezagos but as soon as we showed to the new situation, it can have indecision. Depression: When the way is put difficult we tend to be discouraged, we had never imagined that the way it would return rough, to this time we thought that already we were going to see gains, this is not as good as they raised it to me, etc.? Acceptance: After analyzing the things coldly in this stage or we have realised a concerted effort, has been crossed more than half of the way and if we are arranged to obtain our goal to any cost, we accepted the different difficulties that we have had to surpass and tenth us there is no another option here that to continue working to reach what one wishes, or on the contrary we left the boat and tenth really this is not for me. As we see facing the reality is crucial to know if we have sufficient desire to deliver all the attack necessary to obtain that great intention. Hope: Perhaps if we decided to leave our goal of point 6 we return to the 5, but for the people who are prepared with true tenacity to obtain what they have seted out they will begin to have a hope sensation and will totally include/understand the implications of his goal and a sparkle of light for them will begin to form. Opportunity: hope abre a fan to us of opportunities, now already we have learned many of the difficulties that imply to obtain our goal but now we see the positive of the perseverancia, we began to enjoy the honeys ours first fruits, here it is when with discipline our subconscious mind has understood clearly our desire and everything begins to march successful. As we see implanting in our mind a change idea requires a desire so hard that it does not allow excuses and to obtain that the things work without concerning the obstacles that we must win. In the book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt is to us how to make to overcome the resistance of the mind, many people have obtained excellent goals through the perseverancia. When we know the operation the subconscious mind we are before the possibility of speeding up and of visualizing in real form the opportunities at much smaller time, it is to remember that powerful methodologies exist to influence in the mind, such as the process of hypnosis in which it is possible only to be sent powerful messages to our mind but is recommendable if one is in the hands of a true specialist, which are quite difficult to find.

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