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With regard to the natural disaster that has just suffered our country and consistent with the spirit that haunts the environment national emerged strengthened from this difficult situation, I want to share some reflections on the scope of the future history we are going to write the Chileans and perhaps a little prophesying what will happen in Chile in the next five years. I’ve said it on other occasions, the theme of futurology is apasionantemente attractive since always, for both men and women, but particularly for men of company and statesmen. It is not funny that the team of advisers to President Obama what integrated important number of historians or scholars in the past. Well, search for answers many of the questions that we cannot face each day are in the past and it is no less true that the way of decoding the near future, it is also look in the past, acts originating in current events. Is given by the way, the climate change we are experiencing today, humanity is the answer to the intervention of societies and particularly of its industry on our planetary environment. The actions we take today in front of as face the adversities of the earthquake, will also have serious answers in the near future of Chile. The outgoing Government, which has serious problems to assume psychologically that they should withdraw to the line of the back, is trying to forcefully give screenshots of governance. Tomorrow will be delivered to citizenship the latest report from the popularity of Bachelet survey before leaving power, the naysayers always say it will drop several points, others will be maintained, the objective of this is that it gives exactly the same, because the magnitude of the event exceeds any second-season action to the earthquake, the success in popularity of the President compared the handling of this crisis was defined in advance and was the resounding failurebecause of contingency plans that did not exist or to put it in a less drastic way were not applied to the case, in advance guaranteed a defeat of popularity of anyone who He appeared at the head of the crisis and unfortunately fell to the President.

We have as a precedent an earlier article in which I was referring to appointment processes within the originating movement leaders; which are generating from the rescue of the values and traditions of each one of the towns that comprise it. Are others say that this implies the responsibility of driving the struggles reinvindicacionistas within the Creole nation which at the moment is that dominates us, due to the high degree of acculturation, this contributes to the high degree of misinformation in it prevails and makes originating movements do not have, by now, a Northern defined for towards the rescue of their rights; which have been violated by centuries before the calving of the Creole nation that overpowered rights has been established, making us believe that we are one nation and we have the same tradition. It should be as an example what happens in the native communities of Santiago de Chuco in a sector in which dominates the clutches of drug trafficking and even under cover of governmental and judicial threads: there is chosen Reyna and bridesmaids to preside over anniversaries either in school or the community, as if we were a monarchy, that when proposed them name as a reference to a sumaq qolla or aclla nusta which are the first and second wife as a reminder of our identity; What is did contradict and argue that it is not used, it is out of focus etc. Such arguments communities show us the high level of loss of identity in these. And as they have lost their identity; they acquire all the vices and enganifas that underpin the Creole nation and its leaders that nowadays we subjugate. It is from there, the Creoles have tried to undermine the movements originating, and including from the inside with elements that have sought the role personal and in some cases the pecuniary advantage.

CSC Alarm

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Exists and is another important fact: the departments of private security (PSB), namely, they prefer to trust the majority of citizens protect their property, working with well-defined list equipment. This does not in any way connected with the monopoly of a particular kind of equipment. Simply, these organizations have a uniform database structure, communication protocols and adapt the incoming messages. These messages should have a clearly defined format – the one digestible form, which is essential for the proper and unique perception of the alarm from the protected object, and any operator on duty, working for CSC. "Knowing all these nuances, our specialists are always ready to explain in detail the pros and cons customers equipment of various brands and price ranges – explains Alexander Astapov, chief engineer of GC "AM-Center". – I usually encourage customers to install alarm systems of high order, which can be easily adapted to any system of monitoring, no matter who is the producer. Of course, the costs of equipment of this level often several times the cost of cheap alarm systems.

But in the future, these investments pay back, and repeatedly. " Companies specializing in the manufacture of generic hardware, a little bit. As a rule, large enterprises worldwide. What are the main brands represented on the Russian market. Widespread in the Russian equipment manufactured by ADEMCO, and above all the range of the control panel Vista. In their ability to build a security system for the new task of these panels resemble the designer.

Human beings tend to a State of equilibrium in which we can predict everything and take proper control of our lives. While everything takes place in the same way we are calm and confident because we know how it will be tomorrow; However there are many factors that can be threatening elements to this security. But what happens when something unexpected comes into our lives? Many are adapted to the new but costs the majority make the change that facilitates such acceptance. Of course not all crises are going to be the same degree; Some are common to all as they are evolutionary crises of human beings and others are situational and depend on external factors. We have crises like adolescence, the arrival of retirement as well as others that depend on external factors such as the death of a relative, partner, economic crisis, etc. The situational can also be predictable such as pregnancy or also unexpected. Today suffer very often the unexpected at the level of natural disasters, monetary, diseases, loss of objects, and others. However everything happens for something; After the problem comes the opportunity.

The dark that will see everything in that moment is that beyond is inevitable that at some point reach the light. At first we passed by a denial of the situation, feel anger and rage against fate, God and others; ask us why? I After give many turns to the same question, we find a brief moment within us that tells us and makes us take a force that we perhaps not recognized until that moment. We can see that everything that happens is something and that we know to be open that something good will come. That good will does not always come immediately but if we are open we will recognize it at the right time; as the saying goes no mal que por bien no venga. It is clear that the way in which is this acceptance and response depends not only of inborn factors but also of what has been lived by each of us. Therefore, as not all equal not all we are they pass through the so-called existential crisis.

Some seen themselves only at the end of their days doing a summary positive or negative. Today the vast majority does not observe himself at the end of the day because superficial things keep them even more busy and therefore do not pass or prevent live it because somehow is feared to deal with what has been lived. All time judging ourselves and go through this kind of crisis we find really new things in us or otherwise you can also become until the totally dark summary of our existence. Beyond all the crises and in the way that they are presented are the engine that allow us to learn new things, renew ourselves, be even better.


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the sale of an asset with positive money flow is an investment in another case, and this I do not say what keynes said. In conclusion when we buy a property are not making an investment we are making an Exchange. Now still practical we enunciemos the reasons because a House It is not an active: 1. you have to pay for public services 2. If you buy a house you want it furnish and purchase new appliances and other goods 3.

It is likely that you pay for additional services such as internet and TV cable 4. You have to pay taxes on this property or not this mortgaged 5. You have that make market in short your House is an obligation, an expenditure, i.e. your home each month takes money from your pocket, so your home is not an investment for the simple and simple reason that so you are valued will not receive cash for this until you sell it, and when this happens you must deduct fixed expenses and variable expenses and see what was your cash flow, this without counting the tax you need to pay on the sale of that property and the accumulated inflation. Another common misconception is that the long-term property root is valued, an against example is the current financial crisis from which we are leaving.

Now the question isn’t your home is an asset? But for whom represents your House an asset?, the answer to this questions is: the Bank keep in mind you if feel that he is living in the same, that property is Bank until you do not pay the penny. As a result with the above the middle class has been living in the illusion that buying a House is a safe investment, also do not have the factor that some day for any reason your income will decrease, either by inflation to quito to that family to purchase, you must pay more taxes or by that you has been dismissed from his job therefore their source of income has diminished and your home will not be you and yours will be evicted, in addition if there is a safe investment, i.e. If the risk were not the main variable in the investment process everyone would already be millionaires. Original author and source of the article.

One more year, as each on October 17, the international day for the eradication of poverty was held. This day has been conducting annually, beginning in 1993, since his statement by Assembly General of the United Nations with the purpose of promoting greater awareness of the needs to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries, in particular in developing countries. At the Millennium Summit, the heads of State and Government, committed to halving, by the year 2015, the proportion of people living in extreme poverty, whose income is less than one dollar per day. The theme of the international day for the eradication of poverty this year, together against poverty, stresses the need for a truly global partnership in the fight against poverty, involving way activates both developed countries and developing countries. However in the slogan was missing something, it would have been more correct as well: together against poverty, above all and especially us oligarchs and powerful as all the years this day has been a farce a farce.

Is it that we can still say that it should help the countries, whose people live with income of less than $1 a day? And even more places as optimal fulfill half of that goal by 2015. So blind are the global leaders becoming? So obtuse we all? I would understand that it was relatively difficult to stop a pandemic caused by a new virus hipermutante, but give eating not knows who that satiate the hunger? Putting average minimum subsistence available to whom nothing has and that simply dies? me seems so obvious that pose as a target that half of these people do not live in destitution within not are few years, seems to me Kafkaesque by its lack of logic and the absurd. The solution has to be today, right now; Firstly delivering to these countries and its people everything that us excess and that we sneer at and we throw and would reduce the famine by 30%.

Again and again the nation is now entering a deep recession that could be the longest and most severe since the second world war. Consumers, which makes just a few weeks they were concerned of prices rising, now fear losing their jobs, and therefore, their sources of income. The car parts(AGR) think that they will be forced to close for at least 14 plants jointers and leave without work around 230,000 employees 20% of the 500,000 workers that General Motors has in the United States will be made redundant but the decline not only limited to the automobile sector and housing construction, which has fallen in a 33% in usual mannerthe recession has begun to affect the entire economy. Some consumers are so alarmed that they are afraid to go to return the conditions of the great depression of the 1930s. In those days, it was thought that a massive increase in government spending and a portentous issuance of money on hand Central Bank (Federal Reserve Board) it would stimulate production and increase employment.

Huge mistake. Although the scope of the recession grows day by day, its effects have spread unevenly through the economic and social landscape of the nation. The recession will still last a time; However, economists foresee an improvement is difficult to determine his course and predict has both lowered the economy before returning it to upload. When the new administration unpacked their suitcases, their economists estimated the blowout bouquet of housing and the automotive, together with the prices retail industry, would gradually and extended over several months. Nobody predicted that much damage could occur in the first three months of the new Presidency. And so on. Do you think that I’m talking about the current economic situation in the United States? Therefore, do not.

The above is a translation of the most relevant paragraphs of the main theme of the magazine TIMES of December 9, 1974. In reality, has not been my intention to talk about the American economy or world. Just wanted to show him that these terrible debacles are produced by the trends of certain natural cycles. In 1974, we were at the point lowest Triple Astronica back then cycle. It is also true that on 8 January 2008 we visited the point lowest same cycle, but the current date. As you will see, the economic conditions today’s day are extremely similar to the 1974. As we are to the mere beginning of a new cycle of Triple, to take advantage of trends produced by the effect of this cycle, what we have to do is rearrange the balance of previous projects and planning the beginning of new objectives. If you are interested in what follows within this cycle, whose duration must be between 30 and 35 years, please visit the < a Triple of Astronica. Note: Astronica is not related to astrology. Copyright 2009 Frank Desmedt original Autor and source of the article.

On several occasions I found people who mentioned hopefully and give me the opportunity, initially seems logical to think that many people have not excelled or achieved their goals because it has not given them the opportunity, also I found with certain statements like the following opportunity only comes once, opportunities are bald if they find a sprig is necessary to cling to it with all the forcesall these claims are absurd, in fact the world is full of opportunities for those who know to look for them and not capitulate in the face of adversity, everytime we see another person that has achieved significant progress in an area of professional, personal, family, etc. Respect ourselves, we certainly have to reach a conclusion, that person did something different which has allowed a more satisfactory result. For many people accept this fact is extremely disturbing and begin to be justified, Juan has been lucky, if I I had placed in that position, what happens is that that area is better, etc. What happens is that these people don’t want to accept responsibility and admit that if they are in a certain situation is due to what they themselves have done either have failed to do. I remember that in where I lived, there were about 5 businesses that were exactly the same, conditions were similar, all to a main street bank, size and decoration of the premises was very similar, but one of the businesses was really successful and the others had results low or averages, what was the difference?, successful business had certain characteristics that differed from the competitionfor example, this business was open from 6: 30 a.m. while others opened up at 8: 30 a.m., the successful business working days were from Sunday to Sunday while the other only 6 days a week, the hour of closing of the successful business in general was later than the other business, all this coupled with the quality of service, how could someone tell that successful business has had luck?, see clearly that that sort of having their business customers crowded has been created, I can assure you that in a start that business wasn’t crowded customer, but the determination of having a service differentiated always was present in the mind of their owners. Our desire to joined our actions and decisions is capable of generating thousands of opportunities, in fact there are such extraordinary cases that people who did not have a single client then have to say, I’m sorry these 15 days I have my schedule completely saturated, have to wait until the third week, what has happened here is that that person came to an absolute conviction of the development of your business and due to that faith has managed to generate so many opportunities now given the luxury of discarding some, this happens and is still happening in the lives of millions of people who really want to change your life, opportunities exist in the thousands, only has to focus on creating them and bring them to their existence.

Thanks to Marketing, Tu, as personal brand, you can find and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market. For me the opportunity occurs when I (personal branding) can satisfy a need that has a group of customers and which is currently unmet. In the event you’re Manager, Executive or middle management, the opportunity is when you can satisfy a need to cover your employees. If you’re political when you can satisfy a need of your voters. If you are an economist, lawyer, architect or Ingenierocuando can satisfy a need of your customers, and if you’re unemployed and looking for a job, the opportunity is when satisfy the need of companies for which you want to work. People want things, need things, opportunities abound, but I I how leverage these opportunities? Philip Kotlerya spoke of the 3 main sources of opportunities that exist in the market. As personal branding, you can offer something new, you can offer something existing but in a new way or higher either you can offer something scarce.

Perfect, but now you’ll be thinking and how do I do this? Well, here I leave some tips for you consider and work them in depth. Focus on search for ideas and innovate (which customers send you to their ideas and proposals and try to reward them). Focus on finding new customers, new users, new market segments (investigates and hears) and focus on search for new features to the services you offer. Remember that where there is a need, there is always a chance. Investigating the market, investigates the customers. Check if you have a problem and looking for how to fix it. Check if they have any desire and seeks how to satisfy it. Do not hesitate, create your own personal brand and leverages those opportunities offered by the market with the help of all the Tools Marketing puts at your disposal.

There are some obvious, but often forgotten, simple tasks you can do to show your customers that you care for them and want them to think your are there for them when really needed. Therefore, we will review some of them now. First, make sure you always give your best and to provide his client when needed. These two go hand in hand. If you have a great product or service, but can not be delivered on time, then you will lose customers.

The same can be said that if we can always deliver on time, but it is not Maybe it has to offer, you are bound to be unhappy Fielding comments and questions from those who are more serious. Then ensure that your customer needs and wants in mind when he delivered to them. Listen to them when discussing aspects of what they need and make sure that matches and even throw in something a little more to show you're listening. When listening to their customers, take note of how you can improve your product or service. After all, you are saying what they need and is probably what others need too.

By improving your product or service that not only serve their clients, who are also opening new doors for others who need what it has to offer, but not sure if it can be customized to meet your needs. Always have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Everyone wants to be completely satisfied with everything you get or purchase. By ensuring that your product or service, the customer will be more confident that receive exactly what they ordered. And, if you publicly offer a guarantee, more people are comfortable dealing with you. Remember, never keep a customer or potential customer expects. When you receive an inquiry from an individual, if it is a phone message, email or letter, be sure to respond to it immediately. By failing to respond swiftly, which is taking the chance that the client is impatient and move to another company to provide what is required. And finally, always make sure to thank your customers. Send a thank you note to everyone who requests an appointment, be noted as a new customer or an existing customer in the habit of asking a little about yourself. This not only shows that you care about them, but also keeps your company fresh in their minds. If you find that your budget is limited, send an e-card online will be their project for recognition as well. Catering to their customers should not be a task, you must be a gesture of thanks. Most customers respond to your exceptional customer service to provide more business and refer other people. It is a triumph? win situation!

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