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Immediately decoding the concept of 'NC': Numerical Control Software. CNC is the different types of machines (milling and engraving, drilling, milling, laser, cutting, and many others), oborudovannnye system program management. Automation system for production machines was held, tentatively, in two stages. At the initial stage of automatic processing machines were equipped with type NC. Technological process control machine was carried out thanks to the program specified by the connectors and switches. Kept this program on punch cards and magnetic tapes. The next stage – the introduction of microprocessors and operating systems memory.

At this stage, it became possible to download the program, for example, for milling machines with removable media – floppy disks, 'Sticks'. In addition, increased automation – equipment connects to the communication system of the enterprise. The main programming language document describes CNC ISO 6983 International Standards Committee. In some cases, program management can be a text file format data (for simple). CNC machines have a number of advantages. First, the most obvious advantage – it is actually very automation. Ie people do not go and does not follow the process and does not produce adjustment.

In addition there is one of the causes of errors in the production – the so-called human factor. Next: as milling machines or any other managed program, the possibility of error is eliminated. Various errors in processing occur only in the event of errors in programming or configuration. CNC machines are faster than manually operated. Thus the volume of production increases are not at the expense of quality. Taking into account all the above material, we can conclude that the machines – 'this is good'. CNC machines allow you to increase the effectiveness of any proceeding, whether metal or construction of billboards.

Radiozakladka – a device that transmits information via radio or acoustic signal from the telephone line. As such, the difference between them is not singular. The transmission distance is possible from 150 to 3000 meters. When using autonomous battery – Battery life is usually 3-4 days, there are types of beetles that feed directly from the phone line or network of 220 volts. It should be noted that, contrary to popular belief, radio transmitters devices may be difficult act of suppression and radio shumogeneratoram. When it comes to telephone radiozakladnom device, because it can be found all over the telephone line from the office to the city telephone exchange, the use of radio noise generators in the office makes no sense. To control the phone lines set up dozens of different devices, but none of them can not give 100% guarantee. Typically, to protect transmitted through telephone information use scramblers or encoders, but there is a disadvantage consisting in that the encryption device must be connected to all subscribers. In addition, to transfer information from your office can be used in any wire communications: cables fire alarm systems, cable television channels and the internal telephone subscriber communication Broadcasting Network and the network 220. The Wire is also possible through walls with windows using the so-called vibration sensors or radiostetoskopov. Hidden listening devices

Writing tutorials and video lessons noble occupation. Nowadays, digital video tutorials, or "video tutorials" are popular with many. We can say that almost every family has computers, and many appeared fairly fast Internet connection. And thanks to a demand for educational materials in a standard hard copy and digital. However, if in the big cities the necessary books or CDs can be buy something in the depths of a just and no more will not be long. That is why there was such a movement from private individuals. I am sure that this is only the beginning and it may soon be training videos will be very much in network.

That's why now booming video training online. And everything just want to make a video of their lessons. But in this form of earnings there are many pitfalls. One of the largest stone is undeveloped payment systems to pay for onlay. Of course if you live in a big city, you will not be easy to transfer money into the system WebMoney and make for yourself a virtual wallet. But here are your potential customers may not always boast of such a possibility.

The second of at least a small caveat is that your customers still do not believe in the purity of your intentions and suspect that this is another internet scam. The Internet is certainly very much every kind of deception and novice Internet users still can not distinguish between fraud. To gain the confidence of the customers need to periodically record the free training video tutorials. Customers see it and appreciate the quality of your free lessons and if they want to buy a video course, then they will have a general idea of your lessons. In other words, buyers will not buy a pig in a poke. In my opinion any qualitative Training material may not be free, since it is still a certain author's work, which perhaps is not done in one day. And as you know – all work must be paid. At this point in the network laid out a lot of video Lessons on various topics. This video graphic arts and learning to play the guitar and even recipes on the video record and sell. But what of the quality of these products is very difficult to determine. To determine the quality can be a search. For example, typing in any search engine 'reviews of video course' of course you need to write the name of the video course. Usually on a specific topic forums discuss these or other classes and courses. After determining the product quality or, rather, the analysis of feedback, you can once again look closely at free lessons by this author. And I'm sure you will get a proper impression of the author and his product. But it may be advisable for authors make a few quality free videos and add these lessons to various websites. In a network to promote its product has special sites where anyone can register and add your material for publication. Visitors to these sites looking or reading your lesson can always go to the website of the author and get acquainted with your other lessons. And finally, wished him success in learning and mastering new programs.

Modern cars have become so complex, and automatic transmissions are so reliable that the automatic transmission performs the most popular, or even the base version korobkm gear on many models. Over 85% modern cars are equipped with different brands of automatic transmissions. All that is required from the driver – is start the engine, select and operate the gas and brake. Maybe it's not so fun, how to change gears manually, but it is much more effective if you carry heavy loads or pulling a trailer. At the same time, there is a lot of garages that serve them, so that the repair of automatic transmissions in St.

Petersburg, for example, is not a problem. Automatic transmission involves possible engine and includes the transfer, depending on various input data (frequency of rotation the crankshaft speed, throttle position, etc.) to support effective application of torque. Actions normally performed by clutch and manual transmission are performed automatically, using a torque converter, which allows small, controlled slippage between the engine and transmission car. Small hydraulic valves control the inclusion of different gear ratios on the driver's commands (throttle position), or the terms 'hard-wired' response to the current condition of the engine and speed. How does the automatic transmission. Automatic transmission transmits the torque and engine power to the drive wheels in a narrow range of engine speed. Automatic transmission allows the engine to rotate at sufficient speed to generate enough power and torque when the vehicle travels at very slow speeds.

A high speed car automatic transmission keeps the engine rotation reasonable values for it. Automatic transmission fluid is used as the medium for transmission of torque wheels. This gear oil also sends commands to the hydraulic control circuit and acts as a lubricant. Because the transmission fluid performs all three functions, the problems in the box machine can easily spread from one unit to another, making it difficult to repair automatic transmissions. Automatic transmission works on the principle that fluid can not be compressed, and that any body placed in a moving fluid also begins to move under its influence. To realize this law fluids, imagine two ventilyatoroa placed opposite each other. If the first fan is turned on, it begins to rotate the fan blades standing naprotiv.Etot principle is used in the fluid coupling and torque converter with the help of master and slave rotors instead of fans. Each automatic transmission consists of two sections. The front part is a fluid coupling or torque converter and provides an analog clutch, activated by the driver. The rear section avtomaticheskok box contains a block valves and planetary sleeve with hydraulic control, which take the place of a manual transmission. The system locks the brake pedal. For security purposes, a number of cars automatic transmission will not allow the driver to move Automatic transmission lever position 'Drive' or have a car until he presses the brake pedal. This system is usually controlled by the cable from the brake pedal to the automatic transmission or a computer and sensor box machine. On some vehicles You can hear when you click – the sound of the sensor. Very often, this feature protects and repairs of automatic transmissions.


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We need it very necessary! The fact that PHP has no intelligence – it is not necessary. He just does what it says in the instructions. For example in the text is written to remove the forbidden sequences, he removes them, but do not check what it will end. When we say that the text should not be some characters (# #) we did a few times to check, and the script – one. And it's great! If we introduce # # # this script will truncate if : msg_start: script and it will cut. And if # : msg_start :#: msg_start: #? Not sure what's left? I know! Remain # # # and the script is not filter out as it is already filtered and now believes that fulfilled all that was required of him! Thanks to this body of writing that will be retained in a file that is intended for this to be violated and nobody will know, but when the user looks strange record everything and pops! We introduce a little more and get filthy guestbook, with a dusting of which the admin will be a very long time to suffer and, most importantly, in manual mode as due to a sequence of characters from the admin area it does not clean up. Still want to? Yes, easily! There is a special bar codes. Themselves asked for it – yes, we introduce *, more.

Garbage, too, will come out, and in some cases nothing at all will come out. Similarly to about username will say that there do nothing else. If something else wants to do is try for yourself. Now, for the administrators. If you do not want your guest book was attacked by so properly, replace the filter expressions on their codes, and whatever strangeness it may seem, more restrict users that they introduce. Believe me, it's not difficult, but as cool. And the more special characters you change in their codes the longer hold out your guestbook. In conclusion, I will provide data that must be integrated in all forms in order to be able to heartily laugh at the admin guestbook: Username: # # # Mail: / / By: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Now everyone will see a message in which nothing, but still left him a man without a name. Ryabinin "stalker37" Alexander.

Summer and winter are often the most difficult times of the year in terms of energy – all include air conditioning in summer, winter, additional heating, therefore, the local substation often can not withstand the load that leads to a voltage drop. Probably each of us has ever experienced in my life with very nevovremya the lights off when the left until the end of a few seconds and the file did not work to preserve, as a result of then have to resort to data recovery services – so users have come to understand about the UPS and of course faced with a choice – ANY bespereboynik better and how to choose? In this article we will answer these issues and make recommendations on the selection of an appropriate unit. Often people ask: 'How much UPS will hold the PC, turned off electricity? '. The answer is simple: "It depends on the power uninterruptible power supply, as well as the load that the device serves. " So, choose bespereboynik to the existing circumstances. Let's try to understand what kind of load we have stand, and then choose bespereboyniki, which can withstand such a load of them already and we define the one that will withstand the required time. In most cases, the UPS is plugged into the monitor and system unit.

That determine their capacity to look at power supplies of these devices, there is often specified wattage. Conventional system unit, often have a power supply in the range of 300-500 watts. The biggest liquid crystal displays – up to 100 watts CRT monitors – up to 150 watts. Small peripherals – modems, switches, etc. – No more than 25 watts Printers, kettles, air conditioners and other energy-consuming device connected to an uninterruptible power supply is not highly desirable in view of their great extravagance and the huge start-up stress – they are very quick 'kill' the UPS. Having the total load in watts, multiply the result by 1.4 and define the UPS power in volt-amperes – now you can choose UPS capable withstand the required load. In the article "How to choose a UPS" posted a table showing bespereboynikov APC lifetime at different load in watts and a percentage of the load.

In this age of information technology simply must have a simple, affordable and convenient way to store and transfer information. CD and DVD discs with hardly a convenient way to quickly transfer data, since it requires no Only specific programs, but also CD and DVD drives with recording function. This form of storage media, like floppy disk, simply sunk into oblivion due to the ability to store a small amount of information and a high probability of loss data. The most popular to date technology transfer and storage is a flash drive, or more scientifically – USB Flash Drive (USB Flash drive). These devices are versatile, easy to fit in a wallet, pocket or small bag, weigh quite a bit. Today the market offers various flash memory, while the champion is a device for 256GB.

Usually they are made removable and rewritable. Ins these devices is the high speeds and quiet operation. Other benefits can include lower power consumption and low sensitivity to adverse effects – cold and mechanical damage. Exactly due to the above factors to use with simple user flash drive has become the most convenient and popular option. Choosing the stick, above all, be guided by the amount of data.

Maximum memory is quite expensive, and is of questionable practical value to most citizens. The most common options – a 4 and 8 GB. The most popular manufacturers at the moment are brands such as Transcend, Sandisk, Kingston. Less popular, but comparable to those in the quality of the product – GOODDRIVE and Microdia.

PC Pentium III

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On trade question. Do you still believe that buying ready-made computer? Let us digress. Ideal computer in our days – this is above all reliability. Why? Yes, because he will need tomorrow, and after five years. Change games and applications, hard drives and increase the number of cores … and text documents and web pages will be always. And they will always be more valuable than gigabytes and gigabytes of movies, distribution of programs and music files. But what is the standard of reliability? Note the 'old car'.

Any experienced service engineer or a programmer, having rummaged in the memory, always remember: the whirl of fashionable sverhproizvoditelnyh systems are islands of stability YEARS 'prehistoric' PC Pentium III or Athlon XP. Moreover, these 'grandfather' of five-seven-year limitations allow all the necessary minimum, and that 'modern' computers – to read and view. That's really really a computer 'for ages'. Was he at the time of purchase prohibitively expensive? No, at that time, this configuration was only slightly more expensive than usual, just collected more professional and better quality of components (note: this "top", designed for the professional setting, iron works best for years and years, say experts.) Was this a specific computer with something transcendent, then? There is none. Just its current owners did not save on quality. The result exceeded all expectations. Where is the "budget" PCs, purchased for reasons "Cheap and nasty"? It has long been forgotten in the scrapyard … or used in suburban areas as the muffin table lamps.

The modern market offers a wide range of wooden products for artists. Easels, boards, displays, glasses, palette, pencil boxes, frames and stretchers, etudes – all presented in different variations. Goods different finishes and material means of production and design, price and quality. However, it is not always the "expensive" means "high". If you want to buy an easel, you need to know all about what kind of wood used in the manufacture of the easel, which is coated, a metal used to make furniture. All these "little things" impact on the quality of the product, the duration of its operation and even your health.

The main material for the manufacture of a wood easels. This natural, beautiful, environmentally friendly material with unique properties much closer to the creative person than the metal and plastic. Basically wooden easels are made of pine, beech, birch, larch, at least – of oak and ash. When buying wooden easel should find out from a tree he's done it. Easels beech stronger, however, weigh almost 2 times more than the pine. Note the absence of knots and other defects on the bearing wood detail, decoration quality company Ecodrevo offers a large selection of easels clean wood, safe use of oils and varnishes. Our products have unique design and flair. Our easels combined classical forms and modern utility.

Every design decision is due functionality and convenience. Easels Ecodrevo fit perfectly into the modern interiors of apartments, hotels and cafes. Wooden parts are made easel and carefully processed by hand. Each product passes control quality. The range of studio easels Ecodrevo to satisfy even the most demanding master. Weight and quality of our studio easels provide stability and advanced mechanisms attachment – reliability attachment. There are models of studio easels to mount the two paintings – with one or two sides. If your child is seriously became interested in drawing, and even attended an art school, it's time to think about the necessary tools for his work.

Mauritius – an island of volcanic origin, located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Mauritius – is recognized worldwide as a luxury holiday etallon and top service. No matter what you or a hotel stopped, we will offer you spacious, comfortable accommodations, superb cuisine and excellent service. Maintenance staff of any hotel in Mauritius to fulfill all wishes of the guest, but it will go unnoticed and, incidentally, does not show the insincere Asian 'worship' to the client. Mauritius – country visa-free for Russians, but it is also indisputable argument in favor of the choice of place for the honeymoon. You conclude a marriage in one of romantic places on the planet and the honeymoon begins immediately beyond the threshold of City Hall, a marriage made in Mauritius, will be recognized in Russia. So, we have convinced you that decision is made and you go to Marika.

Official Wedding in Mauritius term preparation of all documents of 2-6 months (but there are exceptions and terms are reduced to 10 days). The process of preparation: For a marriage on the island of Mauritius in the first place is necessary to comply Some legal formalities in Port Louis. These formalities are issued for a day or two before the scheduled wedding day. Upon arrival at the hotel newlyweds made aware of the date and time of the trip to Port Louis. One of the the host authority budeet accompany pair. If necessary, Russian guide will accompany the pair, along with a representative.

Necessary precondition pair all the items of the marriage contract, since marriage in Mauritius should be your decision in advance. 1. Community of property 2. Separate property 3. A notarized marriage contract drawn up in accordance with the wishes of the intending spouses. If the couple chooses This paragraph should provide the original contract. In the event that either party was married previously, the registration of marriage may be made no less than 300 days after divorce or death of a husband / wife. In addition, predastavit need a medical report that buduyuschaya fiancee is not pregnant from her ex-husband. Preparatory phase: wedding coordinator meets with the couple before or after all the formalities have already defined and designed to discuss all details regarding the procedure of registration, registration numbers, a bouquet for the bride, cake, dinner, etc. After the marriage the client receives a single copy of the marriage, if the client needs a second or third copy, it pays for them separately. All certificates issued to Russian citizens must be certified by Apostille in the office of Prime Minister, and signed to the marriage was recognized in Russia. Apostille takes about 4 days, if the client leaves the hotel before, it would send the document by mail, with notification. The cost of the basic set: from 1909 euros per pair (7 days, without airfare): Registration of marriage – 439 euros (for two) Hotel room – from 210 euros per couple per night (half board), from 1470 euros per week (for two) Flight – 2000 Euro (for two, in both end) Now we ask you to choose the hotel in which want to stay and get married. And do not forget to look at the important information on the tour.

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