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Firstly, how to choose a gift, because if a company anniversary, to each employee must be awarded a souvenir! The next significant problem – a personal gift to the head of the firm, because more often than employees want to do something nice and director, in response to its responsiveness. And finally the last problem – where it is a corporate party? To solve these problems, while also not spend a lot of finance, and most importantly do not spend a lot of precious time – you start looking for a good shop to buy souvenirs and then has to do a simple gift shop, online gift shop – that's what you necessary. You start with that look for an assistant and give him instructions to find a suitable restaurant. Define the criteria themselves. In order to avoid errors thoroughly study the atmosphere team. If you have a friendly, cheerful staff, you should choose any virtually any restaurant – in the end will be a fun and comfortable, and the program has absolutely no value. In case you have a large and serious organization in which indifference greet each other, then you have to look for a restaurant with moderate lighting, classical music and the program of festivities, which does not allow any liberties, but at the same time relaxing.

After that, you have "hung up" on someone search criteria restaurant to the next item – for corporate gifts, in particular, the choice of gift for the manager. And again it all depends on what atmosphere among colleagues, as well as on the floor … head! For what purpose, I emphasized the last? Explain the relatively not difficult – if your head man, as a team rather close relationships, including between employees and the director, then you might as well buy a photo on wheels with a humorous slant. For example, a deputy director at the feet, and next to several people, cry to God for financial wealth money rain (this does not exist, but we will:) But if your CEO … That woman never giving her any cartoon – no doubt she would be offended. Much nicer than the woman will receive a bouquet of roses, a box of expensive chocolates and Champagne – the things you want and at the same time enjoyable. Corporate gifts of this type would be just perfect and the head of the strict enough, with whom the workers purely business relationship.

Concrete Products

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Today, mini-mills are a great way to open their own small business. Now the market has a huge selection of mini-factories for the manufacture of concrete products and other products in demand. Consider more mini-factories for the manufacture of concrete products. Typically, a mini-factories for izgotavleniya paving slabs and other concrete products consist of a gravity type concrete mixer, vibrating table high (in some cases also requires a second vibrating rasformovki for finished products) and a set of forms for concrete. Forms for concrete can be implemented as from the usual plastic, PVC, and the more cost-effective heavy-duty ABS plastic. Form of heavy-duty plastic have a longer life, use of these forms does not require rasformovochnogo table. And for storing forms and products you'll need shelves and trays (for storing the finished product). Production of 50 square meters of finished products takes a minimum of eight hour day teams of three people (including what forms to fill will be at least 50 square meters).

Products You can use it from the conventional concrete, as well as from ultra-strong concrete, which by its characteristics is not inferior to natural stone and marble. In the manufacture of various pigments may be added, thereby obtaining painted over the entire volume of the product. Such a method of coloring is better that during the operation of products does not appear NOT, chips, paint and do not vygaraet vyteraetsya. Thus, using the most advanced technology in the production of concrete, you can get a sidewalk tile, stone facade with unmatched durability and frost resistance, and excellent appearance. You will be able to produce concrete products with external characteristics of marble, granite or amber, with the cost of finished goods will be many times less than natural stone. Visit our website to learn more about the production of concrete products and ductile concrete mini-mills.

Licensed Software

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Nowadays, many still use pirated programs. There is a logical question: 'Why? 'Let's get a little bit of both. Who is it profitable? The answer is simple – the developers and distributors of software products. Than they are trying to scare users negligent? There are many examples: you steal money from developers. It's their earnings! Descend the evil uncle in masks and arrested all tehnikuU you do not have leadership polzovatelyIii, pirate program will fail and fall course, few people are frightened.

Buggy and licensing programs (we will not mention specific products). The developers might not be greedy, wringing the price. Our children want to eat too. Also, in our country often test for some occasionally pass by. As they say: 'It's nothing personal, just business! ".

And for owners, owners of licensed products are seen as idiots. As if they have nowhere to cash do with it. Well, the desire to save money, fool – an excellent reason not to implement licensing programs. On the other hand. After all, there are those who acquire. Are they from another world? Let's try to speculate about the reasons. What we do total value? The fact that we have received with great difficulty, or what we got for free. I think that first one. Business owner, bargaining about the price, investing, discussing the supply, receives the greatest effect on the software. Thus, it is more responsible approach to the setting and implementation. Nobody wants to throw down the drain money and effort. Also you probably want to look solid and respectable. You, for example, does not cost anything to buy 1C or antivirus. In otherwise may be a view that you are the owner of the company look like a boy, saved 200 rubles. And another important fact – there is no way to contact the developers and get them some help in unforeseen circumstances. Software development – a complex work, to the level of production aircraft, and all programs have flaws. Such is life, the magic pill yet been invented! We have considered situation from different angles. And the only right decision for you, what to use!

Lewis Carroll

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As a famous economist expressed Peter F. Drucker "Soon will be only two types of companies: quick and the dead." And, indeed, time is speeding up. And now in our business, as in "Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, had to run in all haste, to remain in the same place, and run almost twice as fast to get at least somewhere. It is necessary to increase the speed and scope of work, make decisions quickly … In the modern business, there are two major diseases: "chronic failure "and" progress "that leads to painful consequences: an overload at work, stress, burn professional.

The only cure for the ills of the two: personal and organizational time effective when the organization is working like clockwork. DAY PLAN: Assistant or supervisor? Properly drawn daily plan is very easy to implement. Usually it is the optimum number and magnitude of problems at day, the ability to correctly estimate the duration and accurately distribute tasks within the available time. In developing the plan for the day, use the answers to these questions. 1.

How to achieve something in this life? Each case must be performed today to contribute to achieving the ultimate goal. Each time, ask yourself: "What I'm really doing now? Whether it brings me to the goal? "2. How do you eat an elephant? Cut it into small pieces. Any large goal can be achieved by solving small problems. 3. How to kill ten birds with one stone at a time? Collect them all in one place. Make one task to work immediately to reach several purposes. 4. How not to get tired of your support? Consider your own biorhythms, work rhythmically, plan breaks, alternate activities. 5. How not to forget important tasks? Materializes information lock it in any convenient media (computer, organizer, notes, and other people, etc.) 6. How to make it so that nothing be done? Turn work into fun.


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Or – in which shares will belong to them matrimonial assets, as use of the property, etc. More references to the marriage contract in the law was not. So that citizens can use the formula: ‘that is not forbidden – it is permissible’. The contract could be signed at any time (before marriage and during marriage); notarization of the contract also required. What specific conditions may be specified in the marriage contract – is also tackled only the wife. The uncertainty of this situation raises many questions requiring answers at a legislative level.

It was not clear, in particular, can be included in the conditions of the marriage contract issues non-property relations of spouses, raising children, etc. On 01.03.1996, the introduced a new Family Code, the Code replaced the previously existing. There is an entire chapter devoted to the treaty regime of marital property and, accordingly, the marriage contract. Here, firstly, clearly defined itself the notion of such a contract. The marriage contract (DB) is ‘an agreement of the persons entering into a marriage, spouses or agreement which determines property rights and obligations of spouses in marriage and (or) in case of divorce’ (art. 40 SC). Even from definition database clear-it can be concluded before the marriage, and during the marriage (Article 41);-nuptial agreement applies only to property relations;-regulation of property relations over time can be treated as a the period that the spouses in a marriage and upon its dissolution is obvious that the marriage contract, like any other contract, can only be entered voluntarily, by mutual agreement of the parties.

Article 41 of the UK has introduced a number of conditions on conclusion of the database. So, if it was made before the wedding, then come into force until the date of registration of marriage. Noted that the marriage contract is in writing only and must be notarized (signed in presence of a notary). A number of claims filed and the content of the database (Art. 41 LC). They can be altered established the general rule (Art. 256 CC and Art. 34 SC) regime of joint property of spouses. A marriage contract may establish a regime shared ownership as to all the property and its separate species or property of each spouse. In practice, this may have the following meaning: for example, the wife of the businessman fears that their joint property in husband’s bankruptcy may be levied. Then is a database, which says that certain things will only belong to his wife, not her husband. As a result, if the spouse is ‘burned’ by the court’s wife will not be able to take specified items. A positive feature of such a possibility of determining the share of another and in the following: Any dispute can be resolved before its occurrence, but not during the conflict, which often result in feelings prevail over reason and ‘Make crap – the heart of joy. ” The marriage contract can be concluded in respect of existing and the future of property between spouses in a marriage contract may stipulate the rights and duties of the spouses mutual content, and any other matters concerning property relations of spouses. (This property, which in fact is the main difference between ‘our’ type of marriage contracts, for example, the U.S.


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Automobile exhaust reduces intelligence of children, scientists say. Leadership of the Bialowieza Forest denied information about the hunt for bison. Global warming threatens Antarctica’s unique marine world. There may move FocusNote climate change issues discussed at the UN The UN General Assembly discussed the issue of climate change. Not ‘only from a life of dog, the dog is biting’: mad again relevant. Kerch Strait: pollution problems are not solved yet. New ‘victims’ of avian flu, people, economy and even badminton. Will warren Ukok plateau without the gas pipe? As noted by Valentine’s Day Animals and our pets.

Blacklist Station again replenished. Review of the week from 02.11.2008 to 02.17.2008. A short overview of the major environmental news for the week. UNESCO declared 2008 International Year of Planet Earth by UNESCO and the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) solemnly declared 2008 the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE). UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura, opened the ceremony at the headquarters of the organization, said that the event is designed to emphasize the role of science in safety and health of the planet … —- Putin: Russia ready to work with China to solve environmental problems Russia is counting on a joint solution of ecological problems with China, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘We to solve problems in environment, the use of border rivers’, – Putin said on Thursday at the ‘big press conference’ in the Kremlin. According to the President, the Chinese partners are seeking solutions to these problems, respond quickly on man-made disasters, seeking to prevent them … —- Nanoparticles can kill a person onset of nanotechnology has led to what is now the smallest particles are present in cosmetics, medicines, clothes and even food products from easily able to penetrate the human body. Despite the fact that in certain areas, they are undeniably useful, the nanoparticles can cause serious damage to health. Situation is repeated genetically modified food and biofuels: technologies that initially were considered a panacea for solving global problems … —- Motor exhausts lower intelligence of children, say scientists Children who live in cities with heavy traffic, producing severe pollution in the atmosphere, have an IQ (IQ) and memory is lower than their peers, breathing clean air, research shows, Reuters reported … —- Guide Bialowieza Forest denied information on hunting bison, Deputy Director of the reserve ‘Bialowieza Forest’ Science Dmitry Bernadskii said that information about the creation of a special herds of bison, which can be hunted, is nonsense. According to him, somewhere in Belarus is perhaps exists, but not in the Bialowieza Forest. —- Global warming threatens the world’s unique marine Antarctica. There can move shark Global warming could lead to the fact that in the cold Antarctic waters until relocated sharks, thereby putting at risk the unique marine world, which is millions of years has been protected from predators due to the cold climate, scientists warn …

Typically, teens who have reached the awkward age of 14-15 years, closed on itself, becoming silent, unsociable and morose. We often hear complaints of parents who do not understand what is happening with their child. More than a thousand and one thoughts rush in their heads: what he lacks, not contacted with a bad company, but can he got a girlfriend? Remarkably, if the parents are still paying attention to changes in the behavior of their children. After some of us parents, which must be confessed, did not even know when their offspring are returning home, and are not interested in, whether they attend all classes at the school, not to mention the fact to see a change in the mood for the child, his closed or uncharacteristic detachment. According to psychologists, special cause for concern.

The child grows up, and adolescents should be the distance in a relationship with the parents to feel independent and special. Therefore, our care, they begin to see the invasion of their individuality, and subjugate the desire to prolong childhood. However, the experts added, despite the fact that adolescents refuse to communicate with their parents, they are ready to actively discuss their affairs with their parents or friends, for example, uncle, grandmother, coach, etc. This raises concern on the part of parents: What if their child does not give that advice. But it's not so bad, you still have teen has help from adults. Much worse, if in addition to incorrect advice teenager chooses the wrong environment.

Pressure cooker: the name speaks for itself. Boil rapidly, cook for less time. Pay a minimum of time, that without which life is impossible. Life of modern man, runs a very fast pace. Work children, family, and it’s all right, but you still want to have time for this short day and meet up with friends and do sports, and read a good book, watch the transfer on television, in the end, just a network, and to think in silence about how cool. In other words, intense rhythm of modern life forces us to save time. How is it possible to combine all these concepts? How can you, having a good job and still have such a wonderful hobby, like cooking tasty and good food at a minimal cost of time? It turns out you can.

And this helps us precisely cooker. Pressure cooker, holds a special place among the pots, though, because it can replace all pan. Birthplace of the cooker is France, where she has been known since ancient times, but this country is the main cookers today. Pressure cookers made in the usa, China, Germany, Brazil and other countries. The most common are pressure cookers in India. Virtually every Indian family has a pressure cooker.

Cooking in the pressure cooker has many advantages over conventional methods of cooking in a conventional pan. So how this process occurs at elevated pressure and temperature, the cooking time is greatly reduced. With the right approach to cooking the soup is almost possible to get almost as much fluid as it was in the beginning cooking – no excessive fluid loss during evaporation. In the process of making sharp-smelling foods (such as some types of fish) odor is almost covered. Meat cooked in a pressure cooker, it becomes softer. There remain large amounts of vitamins and other nutrients, as well as the natural color of vegetables. And most importantly – food cooked in a pressure cooker, especially for a couple of the most useful – it is easy to digest organism. The process of preparation of any dish in a pressure cooker takes 3-5 times faster than conventional pan. Meat instead of 1.5 hours preparing minutes for 40 minutes, the chicken instead of 45 minutes – 15 minutes. Frozen foods do not require pre-defrosting, defrost pressure cooker and prepares the same time. Table of time to cook different foods in a pressure cooker you can find in our magazine, “Cooking Show”. Those housewives that once tried to cook in a pressure cooker, were able to assess its advantages over conventional pan. But almost every woman, who bought the cooker, first to face difficulties due to the fact that it has no special prescription benefits, allowing just start preparing for sure without conducting experiments. We hope that the recipes that we offer our readers in every issue of our mini-magazine will help at first to those who do not yet fully mastered the techniques of pressure-cooking.

Artificial Christmas trees, garlands wholesale, plastic Christmas balls, Christmas ornaments and toys are all words associated with the long-awaited and beloved holiday, New Year. The most important attribute of the celebration – Christmas Christmas tree to buy, that adorn the eve of New Year’s euphoria electric lights and beautiful Christmas tree balls. Traditionally, this important symbol of New Year in any city with concerts, children’s teams, act folk ensembles. At that time, virtually at the last pre-holiday week is Christmas trees are in high demand and people are immersed in a frenzy of preparation for the celebration, get the symbol of the New Year, despite even at times very high price, because many positive emotions, which gives owners peace species tree, decorated with the decorative garlands. Such services, as a Christmas decoration shopping centers, in anticipation of New Year is also waking up. New Year – this is the time when the bustle of everyday affairs and concerns of work remain in the background, but my heart is filled with anticipation of the upcoming celebration. And dost marvel when walking down the main street city, you close your eyes, even at night by the light playing Christmas balls, garlands and twinkling lanterns rays.

On New Year’s season the trees and the buildings are so transformed that there is an impression that the city was the organizer remarkable Brazilian carnival, whose members are not people, and Giants-skyscrapers and old women- era. Not only at home don unladylike for a costume, Christmas decoration shopping centers, storefronts and offices also strikes an observer. Souvenirs year of the bull – is also an important aspect. Waiting for them all: a sign of attention in the form of soft toys will warm the heart and soul loved, and young children with early morning run around the Christmas tree in anticipation of the layout ship, or e-machines. It is well known, the upcoming 2009 – Year of the Ox, and a terrific gift for kids – Christmas toys. Another symbol of the New Year – is the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus and the custom of Christmas gifts. These two character of folk tales now adorn the triumph of his presence, the children love them, and parents make happy kind of happy faces of their children.

It the present moment, Brazil is meeting in China with Russia, India and South Africa at the third BRICS summit.  All of these economies are part of the G20, which is a grouping of the 20 major economies in the world. Fortunately, the BRIC countries managed to recovery quite well from the global financial crisis in 2008, showing that they weren’t as vulnerable as was America and Europe.

Up until now, Brazil has exported commodities and minerals to the United States.  At the moment, however, the Chinese demand is changing how Brazil’s agriculture exports.  As Benjamin Selwyn, from the International Relations and Development Studies department at the University of Sussex, said, “You can see the shift taking place in terms of re-orientation of the Brazilian agriculture towards China.”

Interestingly, just last year, China overtook the United States to become Brazil’s largest trade partner.  They have more than $56 bn in trade.  Time will tell if this shift will continue, or if America will start to exert more of its pressure again.

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