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Press release is a way of communication in a visual form (written, audio, video), aimed at the media to announce something that has news value. As a rule, it is sent by mail or fax reporters and editors of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television channels and / or television networks. The reason for writing the press release can be a great many from entering the market before the news conference. Commercial news services are also used to distribute news. A great way to increase the flow of quality traffic to a new online project is to write a good press release. To shameless self-promotion to avoid the stigma, when writing a press release, remember a few simple things: 1.

You have to convince the reader that you provide an important, reliable information, rather than expose their opinions as fact. A great way to show the reader that the information is accurate, will bring the statistics. The exact facts and figures will add credibility to the press release. When providing digital data, use the entire number, they will help to illustrate or confirm the allegations made in the press release. 2.

Submit a press release only those media that are associated with it. Sending press releases to all media in a row is a waste of both your and other people's time. 3. Put your contact information and a release date at the top of the press release. Date tells the reporter when you need to announce your event. In contacts, specify the name, phone number, email address, nickname, no name in the Internet communication services (Scype, ICQ, Google Talk). 4. Your company's logo will give a press release from authentic and official form. 5. Informative and comprehensive title should rush into eyes, it must meet at least 3 questions. Do not use a lot of adjectives and adverbs. 6. Not to mention permanent address of your domain or site. One need only once in the text of the press release include the full URL. Frequent reference will give the impression of a press release as a free advertisement and will be ignored by many people, which was sent to the press release. 7. Press release should never be longer than one page. 8. When writing a press release, use short sentences, and formatting – half interval. 9. Your headline and first sentence should grab the reader's attention. 10. The press release should end with two strings of your company – it will be the profile of the company. 11. At the end of a press release write the word END as an indicator that points to the fact that you've finished your article. It would also be useful if you decide to tell us more detailed and extensive contact information at the bottom of the document. 12. Re-read your press release a few times. This is important because not good when a press release published with spelling and grammatical errors. AND finally, let us recall once again that although the press release and is a form of advertising, it should not sound like an advertisement. A good press release should look like the tip of a third party, who receives nothing from the press release, and simply conveys information about a potentially interesting event to interested parties. Make your press release is not only advertising but also news value. In addition, the media wants you to pay for advertising, but not placed it's free.

Old greeting cards … from the state in which we were born and raised, and which no longer exists. Then they were part of our lives. Each holiday celebration and did not do without the cards. Millions of these flying colored pictures parts of our country, carrying the words and heartfelt wishes, giving warmth and joy to loved ones. A peculiar collection of postcards was in every family. Some enthusiastically ran into kiosks 'Syuzpechati' or the post office, rejoicing the emergence of new cards favorite artists. Others simply collect bright pictures, sometimes even making them gifts for the holidays.

Someone stacked the box greetings from relatives, not thinking that it will take time and these small leaves of thick paper will be messengers from the past. Today, in an age of electronic communication at our disposal many ways to communicate with family and friends. Mobile and e-mail, IM and services video messaging … pen and paper, we have replaced the keyboard and computer screen even postcards now electronic – audio or video. A regular card is often already have a prepared text, not to us lostavlyat hassle. But how much more pleasant to read congratulation that says someone close to hand, feel the warmth of his soul. Every old card connects us with some aspect of lived …

These doodles reminded how, barely learned write, rough block letters like to express his feelings to his father to Soviet Army Day ilimame the eighth of March. That gave this card to each birthday. And that you sent to parents, studying in the capital, the institute … Each their memories, but warm and pleasant. After greeting cards, unlike letters, always had kind words and positive emotions. So we look through these and postcards with a sense of nostalgia, as if lost in last part of his soul, a small light that illuminates their magic light our nature. As before, we again admire the talent of artists of the Soviet time. Chetverikov, Zarubin, Manilow and many others. These easily recognizable, extremely beautiful and the good cards like in old times please the eye and warms the soul. In the present generation will certainly their 'cards', and their memories. A Soviet Greeting Cards will continue to delight us – those who lived in the country, returning to the atmosphere of recent years, causing a kind of remembering, each has its own …

Which is exactly what the client needs to know the mechanism of spare or need to buy to install it in car, if of course, is to buy a single shipment of spare parts Ford, rather than buying from a major party for the wholesale company specializing in the further sale or Ford car service. It is for clients purchasing Ford parts at retail on the website of Ford Warehouse has a search form on the necessary spare parts sale. It is possible to ask Ford part number, which is used and specified in the parts catalog Ford, as well as you can search by name parts. For example: You type in – body Ford – and the system immediately provides all of the body, which are available for sale at the moment – this body and the body of Ford Focus Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo and body. Also, the system can show you the body parts Ford used in conjunction with the installation of the body.

With this level of service is easy and pleasant to live, and of course, every client receives as a comprehensive response to any Ford parts in the telephone consultation frequently want to return the company to continue an enjoyable and mutually beneficial cooperation, where each person and each party – whether a company or retail or wholesale customer knows, appreciates and respects their time and their partners. At the moment it is important to understand that every minute, every second of our time can be directed to one side or another and it is important to accurately choose the direction of not to lose time in vain. In order to be permanently secured the support of a confident and interesting advice that may be you have to service the car Ford and also true leadership to build and install parts and modifications required to choose a company that will meet all the requirements and at the same pricing policy will attract attention. Offering most modern approaches to business development and movement in the right direction of the company 'Ford Warehouse', confident leader of the industry can offer you and your company as soon as possible to resolve the issue of supply of spare parts sale. We have long been supplying spare parts and reached a level of professionalism in which the unresolved questions does not exist. We have flexible pricing, courteous and tidy managers who are always able to assist you in buying spare parts, also we have an instantaneous delivery service, installation of spare parts, discounts for members of the community's Ford car enthusiasts, and many many other good moments that will not leave you indifferent when choosing a company that should be together. A distinctive and perhaps our most famous feature – perhaps even the charisma of the company is individual approach to client. We will gladly find a solution that you need – our ability to help organize the provision of services so as to meet your needs most!

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Who will make major money in your family? In 21 century, many men expect this from women and many women are ready for this? And you? Are you ready for paradise in a tent, or you need something more reliable?? Here is an example of life. After working on hiring more than seven years, and came to the conclusion that so all of their goals do not realize my husband came and said that starting a business, and investments were initially quite solid. Your reaction? You would risk? Would be supported by your other half? Naturally, I supported him, and now (was 18 months.) we both do not work for hire. And income is three times our total revenue at the time. Emotional relationships within the family. Love, warmth, or nit-picking? Who wants to get on a daily basis in an emotional trap, and listen as you sawing small things? Not only women are capable of this, some men just aces in this matter, and it is not surprising that many years of patience, sooner or later come to an end. Believe me, even before the wedding can see the real nature, simply do not have to turn a blind eye. Appearance.

Nobody wants to live with crocodiles. And quite often on this criterion, and the young people choose each other, but with the beauty of water or drink, again, look to avoid falling into the clutches of emotional vampire)) brains. Do not be ashamed if you represent your husband or your wife to your circle of communication, if the person by nature not very smart, it is unlikely in the short term make up for it lost. If you decide to start your own business whether in the second half of savvy enough to support you? Will accept husband / wife new ideas in arms, or propose an idea for an idea? And more generally, good partners approved by good parents. Uncertain partners will not be accepted by them at all … And finally, on my blog have an interesting story told by one such family, her grandchildren happy Good luck and success in this one the most important election in your life!

Attractiveness, usefulness and comfort – the key characteristics of office furniture. Companies seeking to improve efficiency and productivity of the staff, need to think about it. It is on the furniture in depends largely on human perseverance. 95% of healthy and successful business depends on the rapid implementation of tasks assigned to the employee. In business, anything can happen.

Buy a beautiful and comfortable furniture, at times, simply not possible. Do not despair! Discount furniture installation today – the best way out. The system has become more urgent in the 60s of last century. Small price – the main advantage of such an office furniture. Options such as l-shaped, u-shaped – a typical purchase. Design, comfort and sophistication – all the characteristics do not lend themselves to discussion.

Guarantee the reliability of the goods you are guaranteed. Discount Internet sales have the largest benefits, rather than buying off-line stores. Network counterparts – a solid base of names of companies and unlimited working hours with the client. Their goods firms provide a full warranty package and reasonable prices. You can buy furniture directly from the warehouses. Design orders are also taking place. Delivery time is exclusive and expensive models is carried out within a week. Is it much or little – to judge, of course, to you. We can say that loading and searching for a desired product – the process is not fast, but workable. The unique design, upholstery, office furniture design has, as well as furniture and army executed it manually. Convenient, comfortable work place – recipe for success in business. Tables for office, meeting rooms, recreation rooms, – to meet each client's wishes seller – the adviser is obliged to offer to man a furniture catalog, describe and show available range. If you wish you one-click mouse on the web can examine the latest innovations in the furniture world. Office furniture – a concept, in fact, quite extensive. This table, chairs, shelves, walls, filing cabinets. Most detailed information on all types of goods you'll find on the site. A variety of colors, styles, original material – is not limited. Vinyl, Glass, chic designs and fabric trim – the options source material infinite.

Faltseprokatny machine is designed for standing seam joints and different types of profiles, C-shaped rails and elements zaschelochnogo compound used as a finishing and construction work, and in the manufacture of round and rectangular ducts. The raw material for faltseprokatnogo machine can serve as either sheet metal or rolled metal made of galvanized steel, coated steel, copper and aluminum. Forming Equipment – faltseprokatny machine is a mobile construction and industrial equipment primarily intended for the manufacture of straight sections duct and ventilation systems, can also be used in construction technologies – roofing, soffits, sills, lighthouses, etc. Thus, getting our roll forming equipment – faltseprokatny machine you get is not just construction equipment and modern technology production seam ventilation and supplies of building materials. And as you know for success in any business is very important productivity and, therefore, due to the fact that the sheet metal is rolled through profiling rollers, lock seam can be easily done with a double ideal geometry (as in manual mode is very problematic), the same seam connection with a mechanized method of production has several advantages: compliance with the dimensions, radii, unlimited length, etc. Faltseprokatnye rolling machines are designed to: – rebate – connecting rods – elements zaschelochnogo compounds used in the manufacture of round and rectangular ducts. Faltseprokatny machine works with mild steel sheet with GOST 501-58, 3680-57 (from any steel grade ST-ST-0 to 20), galvanized and uncoated, as well as stainless steel, GOST 5582-61 with a sheet thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm.

The main advantages of faltseprokatnogo machine: – reduced noise characteristics of the drive – improved ability to adjust reels – introduced a new electric machine control circuit – in the equipment includes screw supports, providing the ability to install and use without training base; Faltseprokatny machine equipped with rollers for rolling 1. Long angular folds, which requires precipitation, 2. Short angular folds requiring precipitation 3. Recumbent folds, can be completed with additional rollers for rolling 4. Flat connecting rods 5.

Long angular folds zaschelochnogo compound 6. Short angular folds zaschelochnogo compound 7. Corner 8. Channels; 9. Public profile; 10.W-shaped profile (Fig. 10); 11.Krovelnyh profiles (Fig. 11, 2), etc. Available in two versions of the execution mechanism: I – ‘STD-11019A’, with six pairs of working rolls for the manufacture of standard folds, connecting rods, and thin-walled profiles; II – ‘STD-11019A-01’, with ten pairs of working rolls for the manufacture of standard folds, connecting rods, components zaschelochnyh compounds, thin-walled profiles, as well as for the rolling of complex cross section to order.

Do you know how to choose eyeglass frames? If glasses are not so long ago were merely a means of correcting vision, but today they are performing more functions and a stylish complement the image, and the type and quality of the frames is with the most significant. That's probably why choose eyeglass frames into a business that requires a serious approach, this kind of art. It is hard to find someone who would have been to face all types of frames, from the point view configuration, usually only fit some of their species, so the real correct choice of the model. People with prominent cheekbones and sharp chin is most suitable points at which the upper edge of the wider bottom. Chubby users should choose large glasses with thin temples, but a man with an oval face are usually suitable model of any shape. I must say that correctly selected product can hide the flaws of the person to example, a high jumper to help shorten the nose. For those who like to experiment with your way, you can choose eyeglass frames a variety of colors.

Any model must not only have an attractive appearance, important that it would have been a solid and comfortable to wear. "The oldest" of the frames can be called metal products, they were known long before the appearance of plastic. They are made of light alloys, absolutely safe for human health. Plastic frames are now among the most popular. Bright, stylish, made in the most unusual design, they fully meet the needs of many consumers.

Advantage so-called lesochnyh frames is that the lenses are attached with string. These models are lightweight and easy to use, there is, however, one little "but" for some customers of major importance: they inserted only plastic lenses. In recent years an increasing number of people suffering from problems with vision, preferred titanium products which are virtually unbreakable and have a long life. Huge range of products presented today at the "windows" of specialized online stores. It is an online store is now a popular place of purchase frames, you can not only choose the most the best option, but consult a specialist in on-line.

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The slope of about 20-30 degrees to the right. This is the most common slope of handwriting. Such a person could be described as openly expressing feelings. At the same time it can not be called an impulsive personality. For He still tend ability to control their emotions in stressful situations.

Such a man usually has well-developed need to communicate and loneliness it usually weighs. About 50-60 degrees to the right. Strong inclination to the right evidence of loving nature and strong desire to communicate. Such a person is more likely to seek to put their feelings show, than to suppress them inside. The man with the hand more susceptible to new ideas and initiatives and has a great vitality. At the same time, such people have developed a proprietary sentiment, they are more fond of flattery and admiration of their kind. Slight lean to the left. On such a person with high probability we can say that it is characterized by the predominance of mind control over emotions.

This person is more reserved and try to rationally evaluate their actions. Significant tilt to the left. Such writing often common for left-handers. Here we have more control over their emotions. Sneak characteristic of this man, may be associated with large sensitivity, which can be opened only the closest people. In stressful situations, such person may suddenly explode around a storm of emotional displays. If vertical writing, this means that the individual is characterized by a balance of rationality and emotionality. For such is human nature to analyze the situation and the weighted decisions. If the analysis of handwriting you find a periodic or haphazard changes in the slope of handwriting, this may indicate a low psychological stability of people, a sharp change in his mood. Likely volatility and meticulously to detail. Sometimes the periodic change of slope of handwriting may be indicative of some of the undecided man. Handwriting without tilting the letters indicates that humans are the principal considerations that are fundamentally different from the views of others. The slope of the characters says to the executive the right, left – of negativism, inclination to resist. Svetlana Kostromina, recruitment agency Kazan Business and Career Pony text article is available here

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If you paid alimony to more children, then subtract 30% in accordance with the laws of accrued alimony. If you tell the bank that officially, you do not pay anything and will not pay, as there is an agreement with the former half, I think it will not help. Unofficially, you can pay as much as necessary, but the bank will take into account the possible maintenance in accordance with the law. Credit long relationship between ex-spouses often go bad, especially when it comes to money and children, so the bank adheres to the law. Business costs. According to the Bank classifies the expenditure taxes, rent, property maintenance, utilities, staff salaries, travel expenses and some others, depending on the specifics of the business. Bank interest your net income after all necessary deductions. Costs rental property.

This type of spending does not always apply. Let’s say you rent an apartment and want to take a loan to buy their homes. The Bank does not take into account the current rent, as After buying an apartment, you are likely all, will move into it. But this is the case, if you purchase housing on the secondary market. If you buy an apartment in the building, then putting the house up and taking it into operation will be quite a long time, and you all time will rent an apartment.

In this case, the bank will deduct from your income the amount of lease payments. Training costs. If you or your family members are trained in the paid schools (this may be schools, colleges, secondary or universities), the training costs will be deducted from your family budget. Taxes. With all of your official bank will deduct the amount of income taxes paid, and will operate on the sum of income after taxes. And all of the previously mentioned costs will be deducted from the income received after tax. Thus, putting all your income and subtract all liabilities, we obtain the sum of net income, based on the which the bank will calculate the value of a possible loan. Loan calculators offered by banks and posted on websites can not always correctly calculate the actual size of the loan because of the fact that It does not take into account the mandatory expenses. It occasionally leads to discontent customers who take offense at the bank when they see that they have approved the amount is much smaller than they are currently calculated on a calculator. The reason it is in this. Calculators believe correctly, they only need to make the correct information.

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they market Reyes cigars at reasonable prices. ‘I thought I was selling cigars of this quality will be very successful in the U.S.. However, after three years of difficulties with our American distributor, he went out of business. In fact, nobody in the United States did not understand the taste of these cigars. After all, tobacco and cigars that people smoke now, have grown 10 years ago.

” Like all other cigars produced by the surname Reyes – this cigar, called a now ‘DRG’ (Dominican Republic Gold) – the price is not burdensome for the average purse sizes, each worth 4 to 5 USD. In 2001, Don Emilio has created a cigar ‘Adam and Eve’ (Adan y Eva), which he hopes will become its main brand. He sold the right for years to come use smaller versions of the cigars in the Bahamas, Boston, and Minas Gerais, Brazil. This version of ‘Adam and Eve’ got a lot of prizes and awards, and recognition in the cigar media, especially in the cigar ratings. Do not be surprised: tobacco, of which twisted version of ‘Adam and Eve’, as in the case of ‘DRG’ (Dominican Republic Gold), – more than 10 years. At present, represented over 13 formats cigars’ Adam and Eve. ” Robusto XO Maduro – a mysterious cigar, tobacco blends from the secret – the most expensive, Don Emilio, each – 10 USD (without taxes). Richly decorated in old-fashioned cigar boxes and cigar rims are competing for their attention and remind smokers ‘gold’ times of cigar production.

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