Zenza thats purism ethnic chic sustainable urban nomadism over the last 18 years has become the Dutch company Zenza a fixture in the world of innovative design and the sustainable production of home accessories. Their Oriental lamps and light creations are the flagship of the brand Zenza. But Zenza is far more. The hallmark of all products by Zenza is the manual production of residential articles of all kinds. This is unlike resorted in the usual mass-produced on a technically optimised manufacturing process, but deliberately to craft and artistic techniques from all corners of the world in the production. And that is ultimately the fascination of Zenzas: every single article from the range is handmade and sustainably manufactured unique. The uniqueness of high craftsmanship and design – and quality requirements of our customers to meet the claim, Zenza works directly with local artisans of the country. meaningful and consistent with each other in harmony to bring much proven and time-tested craftsmanship techniques with new ideas.

Because the craftsmen locally represent the soul of Zenzas, bypassing the often exploitative middlemen the company and contributes to fairer trade in the world as a result. Since 2009 supports Zenza disadvantaged women from Viet Nam with their products made of velvet silk (pillows and stool) and ensures a fair and regular income as well as in the Yemen through the production of handmade scissors. But especially in Egypt, where started it all with a ceiling lamp, engaged Zenza and platted their magnum opus. The core idea was then as now: ethnic principles in employment to live in and thus a bit closer to the third of the first world. In addition to the task across cultural boundaries across in the minds of people as important cultural property to anchor the hand work and to keep alive Zenza advocates for a sustainable and meaningful contact with the production used resources. Regardless of whether the material of precious or humble origin, the materials used are always natural and pure. In addition, the energy costs play a significant role both the production and the trade.

According to the motto, the way the target is free”is it in the interest of Zenzas transport routes to keep as low as possible. It is on the raise of resources to the place of processing or at the subsequent worldwide distribution. Energy efficiency is by far no longer just an economic cost, but an integral part of systems of sustainability. And Zenza is how one can reconcile idealism, creativity, fair trade and sustainability under a hat. In addition to the light variations inspired by the Orient, the range includes both home textiles (carpets, baskets and cushions), storage facilities, (boxes, baskets and boxes), furniture, tableware, candles, classic accessories (door handles, vases and picture frames) as bags and scarves. Should you now the interest in These special products be been awakened, you can order many Oriental lamps and accessories in our online shop. Editorial: House & Temple