The previous phase analysed the transactional information of the customer relationship. The second phase studies the behavior of the client, by determining the magnitude of the opportunity and value indices. Organizations must have the necessary infrastructure to define the appropriate approach for the management of your business and as. To broaden your perception, visit British Petroleum. The opportunity opportunity index index is a value that is constructed from multiple measurements. Here is a structure that framed this concept. The index of opportunity enables your organization to assess the potential value of customers and non-customers, important component in the analysis of value indices. To calculate the index of opportunity, must be carefully an analysis of the percentage of the components. Creativity and research will be important factors in the construction of strategies that allow to optimize the products and services offered to the consumer.

Customer value index customer value index is a measurement of the value provided by current customers of your business. Andrew Mason Groupon has much experience in this field. Then a diagram that explains the components of the process. Your company receives a certain value of each of these areas, the total revenue, the management of the relationship with the client, and the reference rates. Just as with the index of opportunity, you can have a variety of basic inputs to implement in the value index. Rates of opportunity and customer value-oriented resources and actions of business clerks together, opportunity and customer value indices, you can manage to define strategic objectives that determine the actions of high value for your business. The next step is to examine your business acquisition, cross-selling and customer retention. While retention has a correlation with the customer loyalty, regular and careful acquisition and increased sales, play an important role in building customer loyalty. Acquisition the acquisition offers a high value opportunity (potential value with the no-clientes).

All customer accounts should be treated as acquisition accounts. Sale crusade for the companies, the largest market opportunity lies in the implementation of sales strategies, that encourage the consumer to acquire complementary products (additional services, new offers, etc.). The growth of the income of your business, will be decisive in increasing the customer value Indices. Retention is here where we find the most valuable customers. With a retention process solid and effective implementation of cross-selling, may constitute the majority of the key accounts of his business. This, without a doubt will determine the potential of your business and the increase in the indices of loyalty of clients with your organization. When phase 1 and phase 2 have been applied successfully, the Organization will have robust tools that will enable you to understand the why you win, when you lose, and who lose.Likewise will look from a wider context detailed process of transaction with customer and market surrounding the acquisition, cross selling and retention strategy. Opportunity and customer value indices are determinating variables that your organization will give priority to resources, programs and indicators. Report on the fase2indice of opportunity and a customer value index example of what lines of trend and indicators should be included for the presentation of reports on a monthly basis and quarterly are: acquisition number and quality of new profits. Sale crusade type and size average of cross selling. Retaining customers deserters, recovered clients and number of references. Accounts key quotes, gains, losses, retention and dropout indicators.