Is not a question of saying: already not I deal with things because it exists only the now. Do not. You should start by finding what is most important and get of the now your friend, not your enemy. seize the opportunity that gives us. Admit it, honor it. When the now is the Foundation and the main core of your life, it unfolds with ease. Significant MUS, when are points out, that we are not responsible definitely life until we are responsible of this moment, in the now.

This is that in the now is the only place where there is life. Responsibility for this moment means not oppose internally the quality the now, not arguing with what is. It means staying aligned with life. The now is as it is because it cannot be otherwise. Now physicists confirm what Buddhists have always known: there are no things or isolated events. Below surface appearances, all things are interconnected, are part of the totality of the cosmos that has produced the form that takes this moment in the now we must express ourselves as being gorgeous, awake, using our potential; expressing us with joy, smiling easily. Shining in our light, it is the opportunity that is giving us. Do not forget, that the present is the only thing that really exists and is real.

What you’re experiencing at this very moment. Right now! As soon as you get close to this moment from the mind already has become in the in what was last. To really live the present must learn how to live from the heart, let the heart sends over mind trusting your intuition, embrace the unknown. Those who manage to make the most of the present are those people who are left to flow has been written and is known, that most of the people just lives or enjoying the present, are much of the time mentally trapped in the past by analyzing and continuously reliving what was.