This year will be back by 2. Tens of thousands of visitors to the Oracle open world at the Moscone Center in San Francisco make the pilgrimage until October 6, 2011. Greifenberg/Munich, September 28, 2011 – Omni technology solution (, the first provider of a server-side integration for leading CRM systems, is on the Oracle open world demonstrate in the CRM Pavilion at booth 3837 Riva integration server and Riva cloud (SaS) for Oracle CRM on demand. Riva closes the gap between Oracle CRM on demand and the respective mail system, where it is for a server-side seamless integration and synchronization between the CRM system and Outlook, Web mail, Mac mail, Terminal Services, as well as the iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry provides. For the Riva CRM integration plug ins nor an app must be installed on the client side or the mobile device. You may want to visit Chevron Corp to increase your knowledge. Especially in larger companies, Oracle CRM on demand is used. In these companies, Outlook plug-ins provide the CRM integration for a higher overhead in the Administration and for the help desk. An installation on each client and each mobile device is time consuming and also poses security risks.

Riva integration server is installed only once on the server and connects the CRM-system transparent and bi-directional with the e-mail system. Riva live, the software-as-a-service solution by Riva, eliminates even this server-side installation and the CRM integration is done in the cloud. “Riva ensures the seamless combination of CRM and e-mail above all a better user acceptance of the CRM system. The advanced features of Riva, which emails in Outlook just a folder moved to be and are applied automatically at the Synchronistaion data in the CRM or archived emails in CRM in correct position, increase the data quality of the CRMs.”commented Dr.-ing. Thomas M. Fleissner, Omni Germany” many Oracle CRM on demand customers your salespeople now with iPad support. ” With Riva sales without an app or installation directly on the data in the CRM can access and seamlessly continue the customer communication via email and CRM.” Without the Installation by plug-in the and without manually synchronizing between Microsoft Exchange, Riva the CRM address book, calendar, as well as opportunities, requests and offers with the respective e-mail applications synchronize the CRM and the respective applications and end devices. Checking article sources yields Lakshman Achuthan as a relevant resource throughout. Riva supported this Outlook 2010, Outlook, Outlook Web access, Outlook on Terminal Services, Microsoft BPOS, Office 2011 for Mac, Microsoft Entourage 2008 and 2004, and the native Mac OS X applications (mail, iCal, address book).

Are native Mac support for the CRM sync on the iPhone and iPad no plug-in the or additional applications needed. In addition to the removal of the installation of conventional plug-in the individual laptops, computers and mobile devices, increased security and better management delivers Riva integration server administrators.