New World

Countries as Spain, France, England and Holland had followed ways similar to those trod by Portugal. The Luso Empire, that until then possua the monopoly of the commerce lost this privilege what it caused one accented reduction of the profits. Thus, with the transformations occured economic politics and in the mercantile world they had finished being a determinative factor stops that Portugal decided to colonize Brazil and to gradual transform it into the economic center of its Empire. With the economic crisis, administrative politics and installed in Portugal provoked for the loss of the happened profits of the East, had the weakness of the commerce and the Portuguese bourgeoisie started to pay to the State little taxes. This, in turn, with difficulties to support the nobility, the African and eastern feitorias, the navy of war, among others state expenses that depended on the taxes charged on the mercantile transactions, had entered in collapse.

The new overseas nations that also sailed route to the East arrived at America, what they at risk placed the domnios Spanish and Portuguese in the New World. Since the Treated one to Tordesilhas, recognized for Portugal, Spain and the papado one, nothing meant for the Frenchmen, English and dutches, these defended the notion of ownership of the land, that is, the idea of that the colonizador (and it finder) is not who had to dominate. He fits to remember that in the Europe he had disputes for to be able and reigned the barbarity. The ascension was practically impossible for that they were born in the poverty and most fortunate they were not made use to divide the power or the wealth. The workmanship of Adam economist Smith explains the vision of the proprietors of lands and its inhabitants: If it could much less wait few improvements of these great proprietors, if it could wait of whom effectively occupied the land under the command of them.

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