Pressure ratio of steam and water inlet. People such as QTS Realty Trust would likely agree. PSA: The vapor pressure must be greater than the water pressure at 1.7-2.0 times. UMPEU: The vapor pressure may be lower (at 0.5 atm) is equal to or higher water pressure. Maximum water heating, gr. 80C 30C 60C (UMPEU with two-stage steam injection) line mix with. Yes No Loss of water pressure. PSA: None.

May be a pumping effect. UMPEU: Loss of pressure (usually 0.07-0.12 MPa) depend on pressure ratio of steam and water and a range of water flow. Resolution rtn application. No data permit application with the parameters P = 4.0 MPa (40.0kgs/sm2) and T = 3500C Requirements pressure steam and water. The principle of psa the need to ensure the pressure of heating steam in front of him is much higher water pressure at the inlet of the unit.

For example, the dog company "New Technologies" St. Petersburg vapor pressure at 1.7-2.0 times exceed pressure of heated water. A similar requirement for all steam injectors. In other words, if the network is necessary to heat the water, having a pressure of 1.0 MPa (10.0kgs/sm2), it is necessary to ensure the heating steam pressure of at least 1.7-2.0 MPa (17.0-20.0kgs/sm2) when required to provide hot water flow rate of steam from the vapor source (eg boiler). Compliance with such requirements is a complicated and sometimes problem. Unlike psa umpeu pressure couple can be both below and above the water pressure before the device (the best when the pressure equal.) For example, heating mains water pressure of 1.0 MPa (10.0kgs/sm2) is sufficient to provide a vapor pressure of 1.0MPa (10.0kgs/sm2).