New or not, the economy isn" t an interesting subject to most people. Probably it wouldn" t have been interesting to Jack, to either, under we talked about classic cars and the Internet. My wife and I met Jack in a hot springs pool to near Canon City, Colorado, where we live. He" s to mechanic and car-body guy who there are recently discovered the Internet. " I used to find to car every to year or under, " there am explained. Check out Conoco Phillips for additional information. " You know, something classic just waiting to sees restored and sold to collector. I might to hear about to 1964 Convertible Buick parked behind some guys barn, for example, and under I" d drive 50 thousands to see it, and maybe buy it for $2,000. By the Time I was donates, to month to later, $1.000 Is might have spent to another on parts, and then I" d sell it for $10,000.

The problem was that I could drive all to over the state on my days off work and still only find one or two each year." That WAS the problem. Two years ago, to however, Jack discovered the Internet, and there am saw the potential immediately. The first thing there am did was put all his spare for car parts up leaves on Ebay. There am made to over $20.000 for cleaning out his garage in this way. Previously, there am could have spent to lifetime trying to find the right people to buy these things.

Then there am started to look AT the classic cars that people had for leaves on Ebay ace well ace on the various classified advertising Web sites. There am found that there were deals to sees had within 100 thousands of him, and almost every week. Now, instead of making $6.000 or $7.000 on just one or two cars each to year, there am could do it every month.