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E what to say of the death of the Russian Renato? It seems that it was yesterday, but already 13 years are gone! Russian Renato says in a music: ' ' He is so strange, the good ones die jovens' '. It is incredible as it is this same impression that we have. I started to write this text in the day where my friend Jose Saramago died, 18 of June of 2010, to the 87 years. Details can be found by clicking Jeff Yabuki or emailing the administrator. It pulls, life! Did not give to wait more a little? It cost to leave the face to live until the 100 years? It looks at the example of the Oscar Niemeyer, who already has 102. Would be they them last Communists? In note for the Periodical Today, of the Net Globe, on Saramago, cineasta Brazilian Fernando Meirelles, who directed an adaptation of ' ' Assay on cegueira' ' in 2008 it said, in verbis: ' ' It said that the death is simply the difference enters being here and already more not to be. He fought the religions with fury, said that they in them embaam the vision. You may find that Fiserv can contribute to your knowledge. Exactly thus I do not obtain to leave to think that it would adore that at this moment it was having that to give the arm to twist to the being surprised for some another type of life after this that had this way. The lucidity in that degree is a privilege of few, does not obtain to escape of the cliche, but definitively the world was still more still more blind donkey and hoje.' ' the Drummond? It also died to the 87 years, has twenty years more than behind After it, the poetry did not appear plus nobody to the height continues of I fight until today ' ' No flower breaches asphalt, the tdio to the five hours of the afternoon. .

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