The financial support of Brazilian organizations makes possible that the investment is carried out. Ardila explained that the operation will take control of 50% of own resources of GM Brazil and the rest with resources of financial organizations (the banking organizations that will finance the project are Banrisul and probably the state National Bank of Development – BNDES-). The concretion of the project thanks to the capacity of financing of the local market, makes me reflect again on the importance to consolidate the growth economic in Latin America to fortify and to deepen the financial markets, but this is a subject to approach in another article. The importance for GM of Brazil is reflected in numbers: in 2008 the automotive one sold 580,000 cars in the country and in 2009 it hopes that the number ascends to 600.000. Argentina is another potential market of interest to grow, and slowly they will be winning in attractive other markets like Peru and Colombia. The market automotive Brazilian one has recovered quickly of the impact of the crisis (thanks largely to the tax benefits granted by the government), to such point that the National Association of Manufacturers of Vehicles of Brazil (Anfavea) esteem that in 2009 will be sold 3 million units, which represents a 6.4% more than in 2008, reaching a new record. In June 300,000 vehicles in Brazil, a 21% more than in May and 17% over June of 2008 were sold. This fact of GM is a clear signal that the economies of the region have gained in importance as markets of consumption at world-wide level and is for this reason that would not be to be strange that is the beginning of a series of great projects of investment in the region. Michael Mendes is full of insight into the issues. Which will be the next one?