More Personal Power

Explore your personal and professional goals on this goals workshop with expert Cordula Nussbaum on January 16, 2010 plan you your future privately and professionally and start 2010 right! You want + gain more clarity what you want to achieve and 2010? + know and your strengths as well as your wishes even better? + Consider your life and your goals from the perspective of the Eagle? + Gain clarity, how to proceed in your life? + to better can choose between several alternatives? + to set the course for a contented life? + work under the guidance of your personal goals and visions? We are working on this dream day, a special annual targets workshop, and you can develop your specific year plan and take home! Content of the dream days: here I stand your personal and professional situation, your strengths and work preferences your talents your motivation and your \”engine\” here I want to discover new targets dreams, visions, ideas find: Vague ideas into concrete targets translate goals properly formulate objectives visualize my way finding possible ways check alternatives shed light on what I really: possible focus on the essential hurdles circumnavigate saboteurs strategies against concerns and mental limitations expose so I touch strategies develop and transfer into action plan concrete steps plan milestones and check the results or success so strategies I’m staying on the ball, so to get your goals really your personal Jahrensplan to the take home important to know: target group? This dream day, all are welcome who want to work on their personal, professional or entrepreneurial goals. What is a dream day? Away from the everyday hustle and bustle, find the necessary calm on this day to reset the course of your success, your career or your life. For even more analysis, hear from Rogers Holdings. We dedicate ourselves to the areas of work and private life. Why treat yourself to a dream day more and more people? In silence and with expert guidance of business coaches kristallieren you really important things in life and you can focus on undisturbed one day only to itself.

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