You could teach to me how to gain muscle quickly? You could teach me how to accumulate of 4. 5 to 6. 8 kilos of muscular mass before my following vacations? You could help me to prepare me for my first competition of physical culturismo or physical preparation? You could help to see me me like that really it raises weights? You could help to develop a body me that makes turn around the heads and demands respect? Because I am a skinny expert in culturismo, daily they do these questions to me in my office. Each and every one of the people who cannot develop muscle easily want to know how how to gain fast muscle and how to do it of safe and effective way. Friendly to which it costs to develop musculatura to them, please listen! There is hope for you. It pleases to me to say, that to learn how to gain fast muscle it is not as difficult as some of you could believe but it is not as easy either as they could think.

Nevertheless, they must be preparations stops to train of more intelligent way and not more duro. They do not misinterpret, I am not speaking to me of flojear during your training. I talk about the general vision to train intelligently. Next I present/display the advice to you more popular than I give him to those who he costs to develop musculatura to them when they wish to gain fast muscle. 1.

Never You do More than 10 Repetitions. When beams more than 10 repetitions when rising weights you are emphasizing your muscular fibers of slow contraction which have less opportunity to develop muscle. You are a person to whom it costs to develop muscle to him and must recruit the maximum amount of muscular fibers in each series.