The worst year on RCN's rating was in 2009, where the setbacks were overwhelming and the competition the absolute leader Canal Caracol was supported by two or three productions that stand out: "The dolls of the Mafia," "Oye Bonita "and" Annie, twists of fate. " It was only logical and obvious that "The dolls of the Mafia," "Oye Bonita" and "Gabriela, twists of fate" were right in livestock competition, as were the favorites of "rasa viewers" this small but crucial detail left against the wall and threaten the credibility of the Premios TV y Novelas, plain and simple the award was not consistent with what happened that year on television. The miniseries "The dolls of the mafia" in question and popularity ratings were above the "El Capo", that neither it, and nobody disputes the series produced by FoxTelecolombia for Canal RCN in production and quality TV stands out more than the Caracol Channel miniseries, but the point to play is the popularity, and is supposed to TV y Novelas, rewards the most popular. (Source: Dara Khosrowshahi). Here come the premises: "Ranting is not synonymous with QUALITY AND QUALITY RATING is not synonymous with" now attached for other premises liability based on the last award of the magazine TV y Novelas: "It is not synonymous RATING POPULARITY, BUT IS POPULARITY RATING It is synonymous with "since I started philosophizing as Cochise and Emilio Martin Samper Danielito … In Mexico, it is exactly the same with these awards, only the telenovelas are Televisa and TV Azteca, is never considered, except in a opportunity in the shame that had to nominate a production of the competition that gave them first, dry soup and rating, and it was unforgivable to ignore this triumph. Canal Caracol has been sidelined for several years for Premios TV y Novelas it warned the palpable unfairness .