Metal doors with powder coating are quite reliable and stable, but leads to unpleasant incidents, for which the powder paint peels off, it happens due to rust and corrosion. Please visit brick paths if you seek more information. Primary cause rust, which are the doors, and violations of the powder coating is incorrect surface preparation is the input of a metal door. As a result, metal input doors are subject to corrosion and peeling paint. The same thing can occur when metal doors rub against the door frame, while there are various mechanical damage. In general, powder coating very common (it covered not only the metal entrance door), so this is the way color is used in all residential areas. To date, scientists are developing a special plasticizer.

This agent will work to ensure that exclude the possibility of delamination of the powder coating on the metal surface. As a result, we have the opportunity to have a metal front door, covered with powder paint and be sure that the metal doors will be a long time without becoming covered with rust. In addition, due to special plasticizers, paint becomes more stable, and even for any mechanical effect can not secede. Metal entrance door will be very durable.