We met with the President of Lisam, Mr. Soncini, to listen to the reasons for so many years of working in this company in constant evolution.Do good morning Mr. Soncini, you want to tell a little about your company, Lisam, and participation in the event fair Eima 2010? The Lisam was founded in 1967 as an artisanal company than manual scissors produced for pruning. Since then there have been many and very good progress, above all because, in the 1990s, it was decided to expand the range of products, starting with the production of pneumatic scissors. Currently, Lisam has become central subject in the production of tools and machinery for agriculture, including pneumatic and electric collectors for the harvesting of olives, and compressors.The path of the company and its numerous achievements have been possible thanks to the constant research, experimentation in the field, and attention to the growing demand for new customers, which may be farmers or amateurs that they need to work small plots of Earth. Speaking of gatherers to collect olives, for example, have very powerful and efficient, as V8 Titanium, and models more suitable for collection in small parcels, such as Oliwatt2. Lisam was able very well manage their resources, it has followed the trends of the market in the direction of a higher quality and reliability of its products, has experienced the best materials and technologies more innovative to facilitate the work of its many customers. Today Lisam has buyers in many regions of Italy, but also abroad: in the Mediterranean countries, Japan, USA.USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. These customers are primarily producers of olives, fruit producers and growers, which rely on innovation and deep seriousness and competence of our research and our products.