. Encouraged us to Mario and some professors who joined us on this Odyssey, the possibility to turn EGAII into a postgraduate institution fully identified and committed to the region and where its participants strongly the new challenges, so we offered another teaching style, more open, andragogical, at least what my person accounted formore binding with the business reality of the region, more characteristic of the problems faced by the country at that time. We can not deny that many barriers, many times we had little enthusiasm for the authorities, however, we never desmayamos with this challenge, we never wanted to express restrictions to all professionals they wanted to break into the programmes, we were open and so we offered leveling courses so as to when this were approved could join the program without problems. It was always a goal of my person maintain a dynamic linking of the institution, with the corporate sector, with other institutions of postgraduate at national and international level in order to make way for the exchange of students and teachers, develop congresses, conventions which all stakeholders war-games. I tried many times to link me with the OAS, UN, Governments and other foundations to help us, help in the development of this project. I must point out that despite not having been born in that country, and unwrap me with people of great talent, was not so harmful nationalism, because Mario, Ricardo Salgado gave me support and deposited their confidence in pro’s make this project a reality. A trust that was never disappointed, while my inheritance came from the ITESM. Thanks to the views of some graduates who without knowing me I have expressed, I have been able to learn what our project represented in their training. Since then, I dared after both year of silence, without communication with the authorities of EGAII to apply for a friend that you investigate me what was the reality of EGAII and especially if had been recognized to Mario Gonzalez his work, luckily my friend that if I said I had some lines of Exchange with its current director, contact that has disappeared again, aspect that caused me a bit of penalty because after reading, entering me, what is the MSC program with their respective terms of their scope, recommendations, I did suggest some concerns, product of my guaranteed experience for many years in this field in several Latin American countries, all this in order to give opportunity to EGAII in delve beyond national borders.