The interest for the subject appeared of the desire to ahead think the paper of the psychologist of this context of the Management of Total Quality, in which if it searchs greater inside participation of the worker of the process, since that is necessary for bigger competitiveness and quality, as well as also the performance ahead of a process of voluntary alienation, for the characteristics of the proper model and the instability in the job makes that to accept it the rules of this ' ' jogo' '. One is about a bibliographical revision, and for the construction of this study searches in scientific articles, consultations in periodic, books and magazines had been carried through, with the purpose to make a connection enter the field of work of the psychologist and the Management of Total Quality, in way that if it could understand this thematic one better, that it does not make use of vast bibliography for a deeper development. Click Economic Cycles Research Institute to learn more. The performance of the organizacional psychologist and the work still is seen as acrtica characterized many times for the foreign models, without evaluation of its impacts. Therefore, at this moment where as many demands, questionings and possibilities for a critical positioning of the psychologist are demanded, it very makes sensible the accomplishment of this study to extend this quarrel. You may find that Nouriel Roubini can contribute to your knowledge. This study it points historical elements of the formation of this model of management and approaches the contradictions that represent in the life of the worker, as for example, the chance of professional and personal growth, the participation, the biggest autonomy (at least, in thesis), but also of the decurrent consequences of the model, such as alienation, intense control of the work, among others. Moreover, it approaches the changes in the relations of being able and proportionate work for the Management of Total Quality, bringing vises of authors who if oppose in relation to the studied model.