Our advantage – the flexibility of pricing. CP: Helen, what are the steps to create a site and how long average processing time each stage of development? Elena Timoshina: The approach to each project is always individual. Usually the process of creating the site "from scratch" is as follows: first, a detailed specification. It embodiment of the concept of the future site on paper, but, in fact – a guide to future activities of developers. Sometimes the customer instructs us to do the job. The following is the design phase, which determines structure of the future site, the relationship with other applications and data storage method.

Then, a graphic design, layout and programming of additional modules. But while the site – it's just beautiful shape, structure. So he spoke, for it is taken copywriters and editors of content. Now that the site gained its personality, its time to think of it bright and unique domain name. You can then proceed to Placement site on the World Wide Web.

Website Promotion – an important step and requires a serious and professional approach. Because of that, at what point will contain your site in search results is directly dependent number of visitors and hence the influx of new customers. Content Management Systems company "1C-Bitrix" – an assistant for each of these stages, and a great tool for editing the site owner in the future. CP: Yeah, I know that your company is a certified partner product "1C-Bitrix Site Manager." Tell us about the principles of this system. Elena Timoshina: Company "1C-Bitrix Site Manager" business based on the affiliate network. During our co-operation experts of our studio got a lot of special certificates "1C-Bitrix", confirming the high standards our business. Software Product "1C-Bitrix Site Manager" is ideal for the development of an Internet project. Flexibility instruments "Bitrix" opens great opportunities to rebuild the site in accordance with the dynamics of business development.