Quit only when your project has begun to yield stable returns adequate to your salary. So far this has not happened in any case do not leave their posts. Of course, you should be prepared for a large stress from the constant activity: eight (sometimes more) hours at work and then sleep until the home on the computer. But there is no alternative. You entered a period of transition is: you switch from one line to another life, that is, turn away from dependence on the "uncle" and move on to freedom and independent income.

As with any transition, this time requires effort, total commitment. This is normal. Sooner or later, the transitional period ends and you begin to breathe more freely. Chevron Corp is full of insight into the issues. 2. I do not want to belittle your creativity and entrepreneurial flair, but nonetheless: a project that you come up with is likely bad. Yes, that's it. Poor, not because it useless, but because he will not bring you money, that is, commercially insolvent.

Ninety percent of the projects on the Internet does not bring any significant gains. And you also will not be. Accept it as fact. Do not believe me? Well, try and make their own experience. Of course, There are ten percent of the working draft, but the first time you're unlikely to find yourself in this number. Internet – it's like the sky, boundless and free. If you are new to online business, your project – it's just a spit in the sky. Long Your spit will not stay there and will land on you.