Liver Issues

They reveal much higher levels of cholesterol, liver is inflamed, you are becoming a fatty liver. Levels, in general, are increasing alarmingly. All of this causes him fatigue, lethargy, despondency, etc. The doctor warns him that he can have a liver failure and can be irreversible. His advice as a doctor is immediately abandon the experiment, because himself is is causing a disease. The doctor expresses his desperation by not being able to convince him in to leave your attitude of risk: My advice as a doctor is that you have to leave it, you’re crushing you liver if pain begins to radiate to the jaw and arm, is a death threat immediate.(Dary M. Isaacs – General Medicine).

To your around, his mother, his girlfriend, advise you also that allow the diet. The consequences of an unhealthy diet are already appearing: I could not imagine that this experiment would be so dangerous (girlfriend of Morgan) know it, the doctor nor imagined that it could happen something like this (Morgan). Morgan, despite evidence that their social environment (the medical team and his family) is putting revealed very clearly: (high levels in the analysis) signs and symptoms (malaise and depression) that have appeared are sufficiently significant as to that it starts an immediate conduct of health, which would consist of the immediate abandonment of the diet and the beginning of a cleansing dietnot appreciated sufficiently This threat and, again, carried out an assessment of their capabilities (perceived self-efficacy), which consists of the overvaluation of his physical strength. Morgan decides to continue the experiment with the justification of that in 12 days are you you cannot make you sick as much as to which it is not irreversible. Clearly, we are facing a risky behavior. Referring to the model of Bishop, by which all individuals will have an active role with regard to adopt a conduct of responsibility for decisions about their health, promoting the adoption of these personal responsibilities for the conduct of Morgan, continue with the experiment while his health are beginning to be seriously affectedBishop would contend that it is clearly irresponsible of the subject with respect to their health.

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