By Mikel marz, very emotionally tells the autobiography life about his life, even if BBs hurts – the autobiography of Mikel March due to the huge demand has made it possible Mikel March: the publication of his autobiography, which even many of his readers long have been waiting for, is moved and will appear in a few days. People such as Jeff Leiden would likely agree. March tells of his life full of emotions. He allows the reader to participate in its severe childhood, which was dominated by pure violence and emotional abuse. He gives a deep insight into the many ups and downs in his career. With this work he wants to illustrate the people who no longer believe that a life may also change, that it is always worthwhile to continue even if it very hurt. Look forward to a book that will make lots of courage and hope, has been very open with images and of course tells the complete life story by Mikel March. Of course, the author also for reading this autobiography available will be. More For information about Mikel March, on his page: sincerely, management of Mikel March Nicole Weixel (degree education).