Litigation Constitutional Professional Procedure

III. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dara Khosrowshahi. DENATURED SUCH MEANING TO CREATE, PROMOTE AND DEFEND JURA MYTHS physicians. Karoline Copping will undoubtedly add to your understanding. – But in our country, we understand the meanings of training, expertise and legal specialist, the answer is: not necessarily (except that if we understand it and simply we want to not implement them or not we agree to), because, sadly, much of the Peruvian legal-daily and systematically slaughtered, postponed, marginalized and if not, by any Olympian that pathetic nature, traditional and infamous – call it legal myths: 3. 1. FIRST MYTH.

– We often think that has merit, we specialize in having attended one (s) academic events (seminar, forum, panel discussion, talks, conferences, etc.) or study or have completed a graduate degree, diploma, upgrade, Masters, PhD , Ph.D.. To which we should mention that this assessment is wrong, because as mentioned in Section II. of this specialization is achieved under these budgets, in addition, these courses listed are not necessarily specialized. In this sense, we can establish that: An advanced degree is basically characterized by its nature after the professional degree, which can deal with a institution or particular branch of law and therefore need not be considered a post-graduate course is synonymous with a specialization course. A graduate training course is generic and not specific, and consequently we do not specialize for studying a diploma. A refresher course, which is characterized by providing knowledge of current law, current and new trends, which is available to lawyers for the Catholic University of Santa Maria de Arequipa (Peru), graduate of the Masters in Business Law , Professional Law, Doctorate in Law from the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal and the Level I Course VII Training Program for Candidates for Judges of the Judicial Academy. Adjudicator Ex Extrajudicial Conciliation Center Peace and Life, Arbitrator and Conciliator Settlement Law.

Graduate degree in Law and Notarial Registry. Specialist Trade and Customs, and Public Law. Diploma in Business Law, Labor, Litigation Constitutional Professional Procedure, Family Law Child and Adolescent, and Civil and Civil Procedure. Studies in Philosophy, Psychology, Marketing, Italian, English and Portuguese Language Translator Interpreter advanced. com

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