To calculate drainage pipes of structures KORSIS in the average and maximum daily, hourly and second charges. Coefficient hour uneven flow of industrial waste water R depends on the industry industry, type of product and degree of perfection of the process. When designing the R factor should be taken on the basis of experience in similar industries or recommendations of engineers. Calculation performed by the above formula enables us to establish extreme hourly cost of wastewater and costs for another time. For convenience of calculations of drainage structures obtained results of determining the appropriate reduced costs in the statement. The form of summary statements are given in Table.

3.5. Mode wastewater effluent by the hour of the day. Distribution of flow of waste water by the hour of day is convenient presented as a step graph (Figure 3.5). On abscissa the time of day, and the vertical axis – time costs in m3 or in% of daily consumption. Such graphs illustrative and are more accurate if constructed by filling summary table influx of sewage from cities and industry, taking into account the distribution of household and industrial waste waters from industrial enterprises on the clock shifts. Estimated pipeline sections and collectors – they are separate settlement areas within which the consumption of conventionally considered permanent. Determine the total (maximum) estimated cost of waste water of different origin, taking into account their schedules for the flow all sites is difficult, since these costs are not the same peaks in time, creating a reserve.