Regional Federation of unarmed combat began its history in 1978 as a federation, uniting in its ranks representatives of power structures of the region and the citizens engaged in melee combat. She was named Federation of Karate and martial arts. 17 April 2008. Senator from Maine is often quoted as being for or against this. at the next meeting of the Regional Federation melee was unanimously elected the new President of the Federation Oleg old, over the past five years known as the General Director of the security agency 'SBU'BIZON'. Old assured athletes that is going to actively develop the Federation, as Sports – this is one of the most important sectors of youth development. Oleg Old outraged that city leaders are not worried about such areas as sports, and refuse to finance them. The new president sure to attract funds from investors and form a complete composition federation before the end of 2008 'I'll go to the' owners 'city and the region with the requirement to support young people in the world championships' says Oleg old.