Now it turns out that the polling are the Einstein of politics. I’ve done my own survey among my acquaintances who are not so few and oh surprise!, anyone have surveyed them. And I’m talking about 500 people. The opinion of Rodriguez Cuadros seems right when he says the measure taken by the national jury of elections and mentions the following: Yes, it seems to me well, they have to present a complete base, they have to present all of your samples, the criteria that make the samples, days, social sectors, planned as the origin of the survey and a series of technical components in my viewThis comment is well deepened. Add to your understanding with Exxon. An example of the harm that may do surveys, is that columnist Jorge Alania Vera shows the Express newspaper: between many international experiences remember, for example, it was found that a survey to evaluate the perception of the American people of the terrorist attacks of September 11, which was had been funded by a channel owned by the Iranian Government. This allowed the discovery of the mother of the Lamb, the conclusion of that survey: 43% of Americans believed that Washington knew of the attacks, but did nothing to prevent them will not be that, at the end of this election, we find something similar. Lot of money in the campaign for who will be? Long look at the Declaration of Miguel Santillana, candidate to Doctor and master’s degree at Manchester University, Master of business administration from ESAN, and Bachelor’s degree in economics from the Pontificia Catholic University of Peru: the problem here is how sunset Dr. Toledo the next day of his eventual triumph, and who will listen. It is not something BP would like to discuss.

An unpredictable and high risk issue. You can not believe to Toledo. Its virtue is that it knows touching certain topics that the electorate is set in it. But the same electorate knows that Toledo has a problem with the truth.