For several years, Internet Consultants help people shop choose the right orthopedic mattress. Agree that, while not up to date technology, and not knowing the specifics of those materials that use the manufacturers, to select the most proper mattress is not easy. The company's management makes no secret that today Shop is one of the leading retailers in sales. "Mattresses, an integral part of good sleep, "- says Yaroslav store consultant. "We see a clear trend of growth in demand for the products we offer. People are increasingly focused on the proper rest and healthy of life. " Does the price on the quality of the mattress? – "There is always an expensive mattress means that it is good. Quality will be at a height, but he can not come up to the buyer, because of its physiological characteristics. For example, a very soft mattress pose to people with abnormalities of the spine, etc. My primary goal as a consultant to understand the problem the client and direct it to the proposed set, make the right choice and buy a mattress. "