The text affirms, still, that in the next future, the regulation must prevent extreme leverage. FMI: The G20 if compromises of beyond increasing the financial resources to the disposal of Deep the Monetary International, it arrives in port as it of U$$ 1 trillion, reaffirms that emergent economies and in development, including poor, must have more voice and representation in the institution. Educate yourself with thoughts from Joan Dausa. Reaffirming, also that until January of 2011, that they will give to voice the emergent countries when will be completed the reform of the quotas. Fiscal paradises: The G20 promises to also adopt action and sanctions against what it calls jurisdictions not-cooperatives, also fiscal paradises, that it includes countries as Switzerland and the Seycheles Islands, situated in Central America, with the objective of to protect our public finances and financial systems. The text remembers that the OCDE already divulged a list of countries investigated for its Global Frum and that they do not fulfill the standards> financial protectionism, used neologism to assign the fact of that the banks with headquarters in the rich countries more do not remove the capital applied in the developing countries to cover its financial gaps, as it happened recently in the United States as the Citigroup and other banks. Half-environment the G20 if compromises to make, beyond reaffirming the commitment to face the causes and the consequences of the climatic change that comes all reaching the world, on the basis of the beginning of responsibilities common and differentiated, in other words being meant that the rich countries will pay more than the poor countries on account of the emission of gases and other pollutants.

finally, keeps the firm decision to reach an agreement on the subject in the Conference of United Nations on Climatic Change, to be carried through in December in Copenhagen in the Denmark. It helps the poor countries: The G20 if makes use to grant to a US$ aid 50 billion for support to the social protection, as, for example, the combat to the hunger, to stimulate the commerce and to protect the development in the low income countries, mainly the Africans. Also these poor countries will have an additional aid of US$ 6 billion Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI). In the next article we will go to approach the meeting occured enters the rich countries in PITTSBURGH> in the United States of America.