Press release Hamburg, October 2009 in the current financial market crisis, their advice is particularly appreciated: about 180,000 insurance intermediaries are currently registered with the German Chambers of industry and commerce. Right now, they have to do a lot. Because in economically uncertain times consulting with insured or potential new customers demand experience significantly. The financial market crisis has unsettled people. Therefore classic retirement with guarantees, such as pension insurance, ways before a Renaissance. But otherwise very much for the job of insurance intermediary speaks: in addition to top – earning attracts a self-determined activities with many freedoms.

Hardly a profession is so diverse: each day brings to other people again and again new contacts. It is very self-sufficient in its timing, can easily work from home, has the amount of his earnings even in the hand and is operating in a growth market with good future prospects. This security keeps one in today’s Economy back free\”, says Klaus Hohn, Director sales training and marketing staff at the Hamburg-Mannheimer Versicherungs-AG. But what skills are in demand as an insurance intermediary, and what else to keep in mind? The collective landscape in the insurance industry is diverse and not easy to overlook open ears and other success factors. Therefore, a mediator of nature needs to bring an understanding of numbers and clearly explain even the most complex situations. Also he should be compared to people very outgoing and open can be as well as listen.

Only he can take on the customer’s requirements and translate into individual solutions\”, white Education Director Klaus Hohn. A high degree of motivation, organizational skills and self-management are also important. Safe and serious occurrence is essential to gain the trust of the customers. Also you must yourself set goals and motivate. Hard work is a key factor for success\”, so Hohn. The more I advise my sales will be higher.