Install Outlet

Bathroom – one of the wettest places in the apartment, so when you install the outlet should consider a few rules. What electrical appliances you intend to include in the socket? If a razor – the rules set outlet alone. Click Nathan Gaude to learn more. And if socket designed for the washing machine, dryer or electric hand dryers, the requirements will be more. We first consider the first option. Security requires that the socket in the bathroom had a grounding. But in the old home ground was not originally intended. Therefore, for power devices of low power (eg, electric) you can use an isolation transformer. When you install the plug must comply with the measures security because of the increased humidity of the room, wiring have to be hidden, and all junctions of conductors carefully insulated.

Do not place on the cold walls of the socket, where it can condensation. Outlet should be located as far from the bathroom and the sink (at least 0.6 m, as required by the SEP). Experts recommend using a special waterproof outlet. They are more expensive than usual, but is fully justified – at such outlets have covers and special seals that do not absorb moisture into the mechanism. ZAO "MPO Wiring" offers waterproof sockets for direct and indirect Posting manufacturing firms: ABB, Legrand, Prodax, Kontakt, CORR, ELSO, Gira with a degree of protection IP44 and above. This figure indicates that a socket is protected against splash water.

That's enough to install the proper outlet in the bathroom or other areas with high humidity. But as far as electrical power, then to connect them and protect against electrical shock, it is best to use the RCD. The instructions to the washing machines are necessary requirements to be installed. First, the outlet should be 3-pin. Accordingly, the wire – 3-wire. It is forbidden to use for connection of washing machines for household extension cords. Secondly, a separate line, which should be on RB be protected by a RCD with a residual current of 10 mA. Also, be sure to put recommended by the manufacturer of the circuit breaker. Naturally, any work on the installation must be carried out by specialists. Source Company MPS Electrical

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