Inheritance/gift tax: design opportunity “Cash society” who has built a fortune, would like to transfer as undiminished this wealth through tax burdens on the next generation or to persons selected by him. Especially in the inheritance tax and gift tax the parties can try to reduce the amount of the tax burden through the use of scope. In the daily practice of consulting, capital transfers are important to life in the context of an anticipated succession to reduce the tax burden. This is a variant in the creation of a so-called “cash society”. Of company law applicable to these companies can disperse the participants by the rigid rules of succession, set up their own rules in the social contract and control optimally align so the succession. The understandable concern of the asset owner of the assets no longer have to be able, financially to be dependent of the recipient or the asset is exposed unprotected any (future) creditors of donee is – as below – shows when appropriate drafting unfounded.

What is a “cash society”? Benefits of the “cash society” disadvantages “Cash society” succession, inheritance and gift tax income tax tax cohesion of assets protection of the donor what is underage to note? Conclusion 1. What is a “cash society”? A so-called “cash society” is a commercially strong partnership or a corporation with more than 25% stake with cash. The central aspect of the “cash society” is that the participation in the assets relating to participation in society is governed. The assets will be transferred to the company so that the company is owner of the assets. The family members are involved the company in addition to the previous holder of assets, going over the assets. The transfer of assets is controlled by shareholders and by the change of ownership interests thus only by the inlet and outlet. The assets, which is applied in the company, must be assets that no administrative capacity so as to liquid assets.