Industrial vacuum ProTool VCP-30-E. Specifications Power (W) 1200Rashod air (l / s) (kPa) 16.5 Container capacity (l) 30Ploschad filter (cm2) 3100Gabarity (mm) 360h360h640Ves (kg) 8 Industrial vacuum Metabo AS-1200 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Cleaners All Metabo Metabo (except model AS-1200) have simultaneous launch with the plug-in tool. Model ASR-1250 has a vibrating system. Industrial vacuum cleaners Metabo. Specifications ModelAS-1200ASA-1201ASA-1202ASA-9050Moschnost (W) 1200120012001000Rashod air (l / s) 33,333,333,341,7 suction (kPa) 14141413Emkost container (l) 20203250Shlang (mm / m) 35h1, 7535h2, 535h2, 558h2, 5Ves (kg) 5559 Industrial vacuum Atlas Copco as an industrial vacuum cleaner Atlas Copco Industrial vacuum Atlas Copco WDC-1400A – universal cleaner for cleaning surfaces Suction-flammable liquids and for connection to power tools. It has a powerful suction turbine outlet automatic inclusion, easily removable convenient filter bag-bag of special paper, a large tank for solid and liquid waste, the hose 3 meters, wheel locks. Compact design and ease of transportation. Provided with a delay of 0.5 at inclusion and continued for 15 seconds when turned off.

Tank equipped with a safety overflow liquid. Comes with a tip, a narrow tip, extension tube, floor nozzle. Industrial vacuum cleaners Atlas Copco. Specifications ModelAS-1WDC-1400A Power (W) 11001380Rashod air (l / s) (kPa) 1517.8 Tank capacity / filter (l) 3032/20Ploschad filter (cm2) 6200Ves (kg) 8,57,5 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Bosch gas 12-30 F Industrial Vacuums Bosch Bosch company offers a comprehensive program of universal and special vacuum cleaners for every applications: from compact universal vacuum cleaner Bosch gas 12-30 F for large and wet garbage to the vacuum cleaner for wood chips with a test certificate at a rate of H2 and special vacuum cleaners for asbestos and concrete dust.