Incorporeal Avenue

You will go to understand on what it is material patrimony and incorporeal patrimony and its implications. Finally, the present article will make a linking with the incorporeal patrimony and the memories collective and individual having constructed a causal nexus where the present heading will be explained. Word-Key: Patrimony, Material, Incorporeal, Psychology and Behavior. ‘ ‘ In each creative act destruidor’ has an act; ‘ Ostrower, 1990 When we restore something, is a praiseworthy attitude, however, we are placing a shovel of whitewash over some souvenirs that had happened in that place.

I say this a time that innumerable events that had occurred physically, and mentally, in such places are re-covered desumanamente by inks, asphalt or even though cement and concrete. Two good examples of this are the Avenue President Vargas, in all its extension and a bar that is well in front of the Arapari Port, in the street Siqueira Mendes. The first example had its souvenirs tarred for the progress, that is, the parallelopiped street, with poetical a so beautiful, so common one in the belemense historical center, was suffocated by the black carpet of the progress, for the development of the city this was excellent, but for the preservation of its identity, it was of an immense caoticidade. I do not know if proposital or luck of some, the history of August avenue 15 still is there for who possesss the sensible look, however unhappyly relegated to the way wire of this avenue. The other example that I cited was seen, almost without wanting, when a group of pupils mine, in stroll to this exactly historical center, stopped in front of the Arapari Port to buy souvenirs of the Wax candle of Nazar and I, to follow them, I was to the side of them..

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