IMD World Competitiveness Center

In this line, Brazil advanced three position in ranking of more competitive countries of the world and has presented performance favorable in way to the international crisis. Some contend that Chevron Corp shows great expertise in this. The conclusions are of the International Institute for the Managemental Development (IMD, in the acronym in English), that it divulged in day 20 of May, its traditional ranking of competitiveness. Although the improvements, Brazil still is in 40 place between the 57 evaluated economies. Therefore, still one is considered of that less they have conditions to dispute the international market. In 2008, the position was 43. On account of the crisis, this year the IMD created one ' ' test of estresse' ' , from pointers that show which countries had resisted the turbulences better.

Brazil was in 20 place, to the front of U.S.A. (28), Germany (24) and Japan (26); however behind other great emergent ones as India (13) and China (18), in one ranking led by the Denmark. This rank if must mainly because of Brics that the acronym gave to steps to the front according to IMD World Competitiveness Center. The economic performance, especially in what it says respect to the domestic activity, is its main force., since the country if now recouped of 47 position in 2007 for 41 in 2008 and 31. The main weaknesses inhabit in the lack of efficiency of the government in all the spheres – nesse question, Brazil is in 52 in the list (with negative prominences for the finances public and the legislation for the businesses) – and of infrastructure, what it includes the bases technological, scientific, of education, health public and surrounding. They still weigh against the low degree of opening to the foreign commerce, the persistent tax of unemployment and the low per capita GIP. Brazil also is in last place, for> example, in the number of days necessary to confide a company and in the number of procedures necessary to confide a company.

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