At a certain stage in its history, people, learning to recognize the reality, given the opportunity to act "reasonably" in accordance with his understanding of the world. Allocated from the unconscious nature of it, regardless of her interests, her boundless pride, forgetting that he is part of nature, haughty itself in opposition to it, "playing one of the gates." However, while the behavior of animals led by instinct, produced millions of years of evolution and has proved during this time their efficiency, rationality, and as a consequence, the reasonableness of the behavior of people, led by relatively young minds, based on generally accepted, but as time has shown, not absolute axioms and base passions that everything else, are almost always stronger than reason. So who is more intelligent: people or animals? The fact that we are winning in natural selection – is not an argument. Cancer cells, too wins in the struggle for life in normal cells. But it is her and destroys Can we say that cancer cells wiser normal? Whether there is any person entitled to call themselves rational? Homo Sapiens – people kitsch in your mind, may be thousands of times "to tread on the same rake" and while not learn how to circumvent the rake side. At the time, like any blade of grass, every simple bacterium, not to mention the higher animals, it is easy to cope with this task. We deny the wisdom of the animals on the grounds that they do not understand us, but we are not aware of them. .