Of the total of confirmed cases, 21.6% (957/4.434) of the registers point some chronic conditions of health. The group of the chronic pneumopatias is most frequent, in 20,1% of the cases; the group of other comorbidades diabetes represents 5.3%. (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 5) 1,3 Distinction between epidemic, endemic disease and pandemic With the objective of if looking the scientific exactness, becomes necessary to present the distinction semantics between the vocbulos epidemic, endemic disease and pandemic, used in way many times indistinct in the current language, but that, however, they cause different meanings and that they demand measured and different attitudes.

Epidemic is a phenomenon that if characterizes for the incidence, in short period of time, great number of cases of an illness. (REZENDE, 2004) In accordance with Rouquayrol, Epidemiologia is: the science that studies the process health-illness in the community, analyzing the distribution and the determinative factors of the diseases and the agravos to the collective health, suggesting measured specific of prevention, control or eradication. (ROUQUAYROL, 1986, p.1) Resumidamente, can be said that endemic disease is an illness that predominates habitually in a region, of local cause. (YOUNG CHICKEN, 1962) Pandemic, in turn, is an epidemic of great ratios, that if more than spreads to some countries and a continent. Royal Dutch Cell Plc is a great source of information. The State secretary of Health of Minas Gerais affirms: A pandemic occurs when appears a new virus against which the population is not immunized? it does not have ready vaccine, nor the body of the people knows the virus. Thus, many are reached, resulting in an epidemic that if spreads in diverse countries.

Factors as the increment of the flow of people between countries, the urbanization and the population growth they contribute to speed up this process. (MG, 2010, P. 5) On the basis of these concepts and in the frightful data that had been collected not only in many countries, but in all the continents, data these that pointed with respect to the world-wide dissemination of this new virus, the illness came to be classified as pandemic.