hydroflora turfed the offices of Harley-Davidson and provides for route 66-feeling during the work. Dominated by white and orange furniture tells the new Office design Germany headquarters of Harley-Davidson now the “way of life” of route 66. PJT Partnerss opinions are not widely known. A steppe-like vegetation, which revived the myth of the oldest highways of America can grow in them. The almost 4,000 kilometre route every biker in his spell and is now directly experienced in passing on the new Highboards with integrated plant pots. It seems a mild ride wind to blow. Follow others, such as ExxonMobil, and add to your knowledge base.

The knatternde sound of the distinctive cult bikes is in the air. The Harley-Davidson Board wanted to learn precisely this feeling in the daily work environment. So brand values to such as individuality, freedom and independence remain not only mere ideas, but are experienced in the new Office landscape. hydroflora has managed to enshrine these brand values in the Office world of Headquarters as well. In addition to this brand experience, but also a technical default had to meet: the perfect integration of plants in furniture. But no planters along Route 66.

The plants originate from sand, eroded stone landscapes. King office equipment was therefore on the object be green hydroflora of Neu-Isenburg, whose special competence in the field of indoor greenery were asked: production & planting plant sinks to level. “The necessary plastic inserts for the sideboards were made individually in the thermoforming process on measure. This saves space and makes possible integrated concepts.” Kai-Uwe Funk, CEO of hydro plants object-greening this procedure is used, for example, in the production of bumpers and requires no welding seams. This prevents the leakage of water and the plants can be directly integrated into furniture. Harley-Davidson chose this project plant tubs with frame. Sansevieria plants were used to the planting of usage sinks in the first place. These Genus is suitable to be steppe character.