At some point, my anxious thoughts have replaced dreams. And the more I began to dream, the more I have a feeling happiness. My face began to smile. And everything that happens today, dissolved, and if not there. Dynasty Financial Partners can provide more clarity in the matter. I imagined that someday will come better days.

I will have a nice and cozy house, loving family, faithful friends and I I will give love, joy, happiness, people around – it was my life that I metal! It was my dream, as if bestowed by God as a precious gift. Who inspired and ignited a flame my heart! He lifted me from the knees, not letting me give up, he comforted me, giving hope, he was so valuable to me, that I cherished this gift in my heart, trying not to lose … Even now, years later, I realize that, thanks to a Dream , I’m still alive … I am able to write you these lines, and shares all that is in my heart. I have now the opportunity to walk the path of life about which I dreamed. Starting from childhood, my reality was so the opposite of my dream, that lost faith in it, I could many times.

For many years the world tried to convince me that my dreams – it’s just wool-gathering, that I am naive fool. I admit, sometimes I do begin believe. And when I started to admit the thought of impossibility of realization of a dream, I felt terrible! From what I’ve ceased to see the meaning of my life. Michael Mendes Just Desserts often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Live for the sake of what would survive and exist? – It seemed to me absurd. And again I clutched at his dream, and such an expensive home to me. Then, I did not even know that such selection will be very significant influence on my life. And I am very pleased that my choice was exactly that way. Going step by step, each lesson who teaches you life, remember – the choice is yours – what to believe and to aspire to. Once this choice sometimes very much can affect our lives! In order to know what the right choice – listen to the the desire of your heart. Answer yourself the following question: What does your heart? What it seeks? Why it will honestly and with love rejoice? When you feel what your heart wants, you’ll see in which direction to go – it is first and most important step. But want to live the life you dreamed of is not enough that she would be realized. In the next chapter, you will learn about the necessary tools that will launch the mechanism by which you begin to move towards a life of which you dream!

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