Once behind bars, Karl Remborg was even worse conditions, but not the spirit of Hall table add to your food sawdust rusty nails, as well as bamboo shoots, roots and ginseng fresh fern leaves. All of this brought him the guards, which somehow he had arranged. Karl offered his entire diet fellow inmates, but many refused in disgust from such a meal. Living out of prison, only those who used diet Remborga. Get all the facts and insights with Tom Buontempo, another great source of information. Returning to the U.S. Rehnborg settled in the small town of Balboa Island in California do not With no means to exist Rehnborg odd jobs.

Ideas originated in China, especially in the conclusion does not leave him. Having rented in the town of Balboa Island old attic, where he took up the release of nutrients from plants. After four years spent in the attic Nirenberg finally lucky he opened a plant in which both contained a considerable number of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial chemicals necessary to man. These plants were alfalfa, he quickly prepared a supplement, which contains not only includes alfalfa and other useful plants and minerals. The population of the United States tortured Great Depression appreciated the food additive Rehnborg, hearing a wonder drug crawled across America.

And in 1934, creates a company Rehnborg California Vitamins Inc. The company is not only an innovative way, but a new way of organizing the sale. New Sales idea was that that Rehnborg offered buyers of its products to be simultaneously and distributors. Distributors or sales representatives to sell the company's products and offered to become another distributors. Sales representatives had an income from their sales, and percentage of the sales of distributors they are attracted to this business. Thousands of people devastated by the Great Depression was engaged in this business, many built is not a bad business, and even more secured themselves an additional income. So with a light hand Rehnborg originated network marketing. At different times, network marketing, used in sales by companies such as Colgate, Coca-Cola, Gilette, Visa, Ford, Lipton, Xerox. To date, the turnover reached MLM $ 100 billion annually and continues to grow annually by 20-30 percent per year