Thus, the spirit of the House lives on. Every year the Zienterra chooses the rhetoric and communication Institute conscious and successful dealing with the spoken word. The playful experience of the language, the opinions of the participants and the commitment of the individual stand in the foreground. Or, as Ms. Gabriele Zienterra calls it the owner: “to speak instead of alone” amateur: Zienterra GmbH Alfred-Rademacher-str.

2 country house in the new Park D 53332 Bornheim near Bonn email: Web: phone: + 49 (0) 22 22 / 91 17 0 fax: + 49 (0) 22 22 / 61 82 6 speeches of the winners can be requested to see. Press contact: Department of rhetoric and communication, Sven Hochreiter, Clara Sydow email: phone number: 0 22 22 / 91 17 0 Zienterra is the brand of rhetoric and communication, consulting and coaching. The owner-managed Institute is an innovative company which operates according to best practices such as the experience rhetoric by Gunter Zienterra. This expertise has grown in nearly 50 years of knowledge: creative, purposeful successfully. From person to person. The Zienterra Institute of rhetoric and communication is recommended for all hierarchy levels in economy and institutions, as well as any person who professionally and individually continue to come.

Over 6,500 proven seminars trained more than 38,000 participants. The topics are geared to the individual needs and the respective industry and developed. In addition to the open seminars, which take place in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Bornheim/Bonn, London, the Institute offers customized inhouse training and coaching and consulting. We promote the development of your potential. Because charisma, conviction, confident appearance or personal success are no coincidences. New individual ways that bring out your personality grow for you out of our training, consulting and coaching. Connect with other leaders such as Jeff Leiden here. Together with us, you build new skills, activate resources and evolve!