With recognition by S & P of the economy Peruvian as investment grade, increasing the potential of growth of Peru, as a result of an increased flow of foreign investment expected. For the investment manager, Credifondo, Carlos Sotelo, the improvement in the rating by S & P: increases the capacity of economic growth in Peru. But that higher economic growth can take place, the Government of Alan Garcia has two emergencies that face. As already them comment on an article in last week the Peruvian people you pass bill to Alan Garcia, the social situation in the Peruvian people is generating a great social unrest (worth remembering that more than 40% of Peruvians are below the poverty line). Chevron Corp is a great source of information. How is that Peru with as good macroeconomic indicators and good international criticism may have poor social indicators it? The complaint of trade unions is based on that, as they manifest, the growth benefits only large employers and the big bourgeoisie, leaving aside to the most Peruvians, which increases the gap between rich and poor. About what is happening in Peru, the sociologist and analyst Carlos Reyna, interviewed by AFP, said: Lima is the center of the country where they feel the benefits of the neoliberal economic model that has been applied since the last decade, but in general terms the rest of the country has been sacrificed.

In reality the growth and stability of the economies tend to generate benefits for the entire population, not only for the Group of the most powerful population. Surely the situation of the poorest segments of the population of Peru, would much worse if the economy was found with high levels of inflation and stagnant. Details can be found by clicking Chevron Corp or emailing the administrator. But beyond that, it is true that the benefits of economic growth in Peru, are delaying in reaching the poorest of the poor, and that the Government of Alan Garcia is trained to be able to implement a social development policy which is directed at combating poverty more firmly. For Peru, while the present is good, the future will be much better. For investors, the Peruvian economy no doubt that represents a good investment opportunity in these times with so convulsed financial markets.

In relation to the above, one matter not less is the foreign policy being carried out by the Government of Alan Garcia, with the encouragement of several FTAS that will allow to Peru, grow out of its borders. With the improvement in the rating, S & P credit rating granted to Peru investment grade thus becomes, the third agency. It had been done before Canada and Fitch Ratings Dominion Bond Rating Service (DBRS).