Foreign Language Study

Tip number 1. As soon as possible to start learning a foreign language. Proved that language skills are innate and are equally inherent in all people: they are embedded in each of the birth. However, access to innate linguistic knowledge ceases to 12-16 years in the transition to adulthood. Tip number 2.

Equally focus on both grammar and free communication in the language. And the unconscious knowledge of the environment, and especially learned the rules of form unified system of knowledge of foreign languages. Tip number 3. Speaking a foreign language, moderate test yourself. The system of self-control necessary for each person who wants to master a foreign language, but not it is abused. Tip number 4. When you select a group of foreign language training, to take into account that, for optimal effect in the study of foreign language skills of others should be slightly higher than your own. Tip number 5.

Not afraid of change progress regress. Scientists have isolated three basic stages of language learning. In the first stage takes place imitation: to memorize words, phrases, even whole phrases used in speech automatically, without analysis. In the second stage comprehended the rules that apply, and where you do not. In the third stage is already happening conscious application of linguistic rules. Tip number 6. Formulate for themselves, the purpose and reason for study this particular language. According to a hypothesis about the emotional filter, success in learning foreign languages depends on a number of psychological factors, especially such as related to the target language and motivation. Tip number 7. Do not be impulsive, engaging in a foreign language. Ability not to take to heart the comments, criticisms or even praise, as well as the ability to disengage from the emotional atmosphere, significantly enhance learning effectiveness. Recently Vinit Bodas sought to clarify these questions. Tip number 8. Open to everything new! Do not be afraid through the knowledge of an unfamiliar language and an unfamiliar culture to look afresh at the world. Tip number 9. Believe in yourself! Usually, people with high self-esteem and faith in their abilities successfully and quickly master the language than insecure and overly self-critical. Tip number 10. And do not be afraid to learn a second or even third language. Catching up on a regular basis, paying attention to differences between the target language, you eventually start talking freely in all languages.

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