Fixing Your Washing Machine

To change it we must hold the rubber drain the the drum and, after removing the nuts of the resistance, push to remove the drain hole. The thermostat is attached by a small copper tube to a thermal probe which is at the bottom of the drum, about resistance. Being in contact with water also affects the lime. If it breaks down the thermostat or its housing, we replace the two since they are united to form the same piece. Related Group may find this interesting as well. How to fix a washing machine, if the motor does not rotate or patina Less current can also be a main engine failure. If burning is more profitable for a new one to be wound.

When the belt is slipping on the pulley of the motor, loosen one of the two screws holding it and pry on it, tighten the pulley. Without releasing the lever retightening the screw. If the belt is damaged, exchange it for a new one. How to fix a washing machine, if not the dirty water drains removed the drain plug to see if it has blocked any object into the arms of the circulator. We will review the drain motor is in the bottom of the washer attached to rubber mentioned above. We can apply power directly to see if it works.

If it’s not right, change it. How to fix a washing machine, if not revised any water current in the solenoid, which is connected to the water supply rubber. Get all the facts and insights with Deccan Value, another great source of information. If there is no current, the controller fails. If it receives, the fault is in the solenoid and we will change it. How to fix a washing machine, if not enough water or cargo load over a pressure regulating This is on top of the washer and is connected by a thin rubber to the bottom of the drum. This device comes with the original settings so it is not recommended to change them.

If necessary, load the washing machine because too little water or too much, may spill over the box of detergent, we can adjust it using the screws that is. When is regulated, we take a bead of sealant to keep the screws from loosening. If not, we will change. How to fix a washing machine, does not operate anything will verify that the power cable transmitting power to the machine and the safety switch is in the lock of the door is not damaged.

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