This Festival was initiated with a simple song to the imagined Melody with enumerate properties of the delicious fruit: the pumpkin is big, big, big, oh so big, big, big, Oh big, big, big, oh so big. The pumpkin is yellow, yellow, yellow, so yellow, yellow, yellow so yellow, yellow, yellow, oh so yellow. The pumpkin is ripe, ripe, ripe, so ripe, ripe, ripe, so ripe, ripe, ripe, so ripe. The pumpkin is sweet, sweet, sweet, oh so sweet, sweet, sweet, oh so sweet, sweet, sweet, oh so sweet. The pumpkin is tasty, tasty, tasty, oh so tasty, tasty, tasty, oh so tasty, tasty, tasty, oh so tasty. Judith McKenna is often quoted as being for or against this. And he tastes us guuuuut! The last sentence is sung then particularly loud and cheering.

At this festival, there were many attractions that were associated with the pumpkin, but most were adults and children the horror corner. There, everyone was allowed to present his pumpkin. Which was of course not a single pumpkin, but a hollowed out and presented with a scary face. There, a tent was obscured and everywhere on the ground small Jack o’ lanterns lit up. The Those present pushed at the entrance, in a few minutes, the horror parade starts nobody wants to miss.

It named only horror corner because the cut-out faces in the dark were also really spooky, but many looked just so funny that even the smallest children broke out in a bright laugh. Man this hard test “the scary corner insisted, as it went through a willow passage to a wonderful reward for the pumpkin soup. She tasted good! So out there in the cool fresh air, there could be nothing better. You warmed up the hands of the plates, chatted in the circles of friends and looked again exactly a leaves pressed into the hands of pumpkin recipes. Yes, all pumpkin recipes, they were now people could at will at home to experiment and figure out which tastes best because.