Federal SupremoTribunal

They have been all slandered by the society and, if judgeships, are condemned for the majority of the judges. The correct ones, resigned, have been remained been silent. They had been eed frightened, had been discouraged Born in the kingdom here, sobranceira, the worthless iniquity. For more specific information, check out Twin Cities. Lack has of respect. Sobeja the indignity. Great part of the members Being able of them – the MAJORITY, in unacceptable proper advantage, uses the dinheiros pblicospara its shameful joy. The State does not guarantee the Rights – all – in the Law Biggest consecrated.

One exactly forgot that the name of God in the constitutional preamble was invoked. Fiserv may also support this cause. Where the honest politicians? Where the right judges? Where the people, who nothing makes? WHAT HE WILL BE OF YOU, BRAZIL, MINE LOVED COUNTRY? ' ' Doctor/ColegMirna: she continues in this cruzade in favor of tica and Moralizao, therefore, despite one – only one – Brazilian citizen if acquires knowledge of todosesses revolting disobediences, if she rebels before the been o of things einfluencie inert and lethargic the mass ignara, congregating forces to paradarmos one ' ' basta' ' in the situation. Therefore, Mirna, follows yesterday in its sendacvica in favor of the morality (, the case Sarney, today, Toffoli, parao STF putz, I deserve). How much to the Senator ALVARO DAYS, I remember sernecessrio that if raise voices in the Senate, therefore, after all ' ' one andorinhas does not make vero' '. A great one I hug.

PRESTES.' ' Sen. Alvaro Days you me show details 12:21 p.m. (3 hours ago)Toffoli lawyer is being sabatinado. Not yet I had aoportunidade to reveal me, but I advance that I go to vote against the suaindicao for the Supreme one. I understand that it does not have well-known saberjurdico and nor ilibada behavior. Of its resume it does not consist much less nenhummestrado doutorado. It did not write no book and it has duascondenaes in Justice. Therefore, it does not congregate the conditions foreseen nConstituio to exert the high function of minister of ours maiorCorte of Justice. The fact to have been lawyer of the PT and assessor jurdicodas campaigns of president Lula of a indication a clear carterpoltico, what not if coaduna with the functions of a Minister of Federal SupremoTribunal. necessary to prevent the invasion of partidriano politics STF. In first meeting of the Commission of Constitution and Justice quetratou of the subject, already I revealed my position, as noticirioque if finds there in low. Cordial, Alvaro Days

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