Whenever we hear the internal State or spirituality seem that that was a subject so abstract that I could hardly understand and the truth that is not the case. Learn more at this site: BP. If we want to know how is our internal state simply examine the life we carry we feel peace and tranquility at all times?, are we happy?, we have few problems?, what others of us think?, do every day we live it as a true gift?, we found a mission in life to serve us to ourselves and to others?, we are made?, etc. So we could ask ourselves many questions and ourselves that we must answer them, how wonderful life is that we can always get better to search for approaching perfection. Every time we face a difficulty or the times that we see things that displease us what happens is there is a message clear, something internal must change. Everything that our senses perceive is only our creation, when we see a person only is a perspective of ourselves, why we should never judge anyone much less having negative thoughts towards a person because it only harms us to ourselves, this is one of the more complex to understand concepts, but with the proper instruction and practice is something that we can then discover and perceive, in that regard I highly recommend the book Yo Soy Feliz, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt, with that book will understand how the universe works and you can create the best conditions for your life because you will understand the secrets of the spiritual forces that govern life itself, also will be able to defeat all the barriers that impede success, happiness, health, love, wealth and spirituality as well as everything you want. When one realizes note that is the creator of his universe, begins to act with great power and have world domination, having mastery of one’s self, is actually a whole process as everything in life, but gives us freedom, when we discover the truth is true what Jesus says in the Bible, the truth will set you free. Now that We know that if we can have control, then we begin to change from the inside and we will notice how external changes are manifested, you is pure power. You can try with some such wishes and as mentions it the law of attraction and you will see how their deepest desires manifested, i.e. you create those conditions, you can try contact a person who now days do not look, get into the desire to see that person, think about it day and night, imagine talking with him or her, you feel that that person is there, what happen? You will notice that the universe will be sorted so that you can contact that person, someone will talk to you it and provide your number phone, capable is found in a shopping mall or in a plane, etc..