Expansion vessel. It is intended to compensate for temperature compression coolant. The expansion tank is made as capacity divided by movable metal diaphragm into two parts. On one side is nitrogen, the other part is included in the hydraulic system with coolant. When Change the coolant temperature, occupied by the object also changes.

These fluctuations are compensated by the motion of the membrane in the expansion tank. Valves. Needed to service the system, plum (Gulf) coolant, venting, etc. storage tank. Due to the fact that the heat load varies depending on time of day or season, there are time periods when the cooling capacity chiller is much higher than the real need. In this case, the chiller begins to operate with short pulses on and off. Frequent launches of the compressor leads to its rapid deterioration and a noticeable decrease in the period service.

To avoid this, the system sometimes establish buffer tank, whose volume is calculated on the basis of possible heat loads and the amount of coolant in the system. In this case, the total volume and coolant heat increases, so the intervals between switching on and off the compressor . System security and management. Controls the operation of the pumping station, it work, signals and disables the system if a dangerous situation. Fan coil units. By their execution is similar to the internal fan coil units and split systems are of different types – wall, floor, Ceiling, channel type, etc. They can be produced in open-frame version, and are designed for flush mounting. Fan coil can be installed on the floor, hung on a wall or stream, embedded in air ducts for suspended ceiling. Fan coils – a heat exchanger with fans, filters, remote control. They take the heat or cold from the coolant, and heated or cooled room. Fenkoil has one or two heat exchangers. In the first case fenkoil called twin-tube, the second four-pipe. Fenkoil four-pipe is connected to both the chiller and central heating in winter and works as a central heating radiator. fan motor. By adjusting the fan speed change fan coil cooling capacity. Upon reaching the desired temperature in a room just off the fan, and coolant flow through fenkoil unchanged. Therefore, when the fan coil cooling facilities continues, albeit with very low intensity. To avoid this, in front of the radiator is usually set three-way valve, bypass refrigerant mass flow past the fan coils. Drain pan Washable air filter. Cleans the air passing through fenkoil of dust, lint, etc. electric heaters. Designed for air heating. Made in the form of heaters and comes as an option. Control system. Fan coil supplied with individual built-in, wired or infrared remote control.