Something that already started to talk a year ago in the Summit held in Tucuman.resulto very important exposure of relations economic international of the Argentina, Alfredo Chiaradia, Secretary who was supplemented by a brief intervention of the Minister of the production of the Argentina, Debora Giorgi, which, fundamentally, claimed an increase in regional trade in currencies local.Chiaradia, before responding to them, including the Brazilian Vice Minister Samuel Pinheiro Guimaraes, stressed the importance for the process integrator of the degree of stability in the region, although he admitted a wave of discredit of MERCOSUR and that some measures adopted before the crisis had no effect.However pointed out that the region suffered fewer setbacks than which could be expected, and in that sense, Giorgi advanced saying that a preservation of employment far superior to those countries which were the triggers of the financial crisis that led to other economic and trade to planetary scale with its recessive effects has been verified in the MERCOSUR.The newspaper the nation of Argentina in respect of the Summit says, that for a time this part, Mercosur arouses few expectations beyond its area of influence and much criticism in its own members. 18 Years of its creation, the regional bloc ceased to be, at least in the popular ideology, the seed of the simile of the European Union with which purported to be conceived. Asymmetries reported more frequently by smaller members, Uruguay and Paraguay, still found no solution or, in principle, they reveal to Brazil and Argentina, more focused on their differences on regional issues. Bilateral agreements of importance which were discussed on the sidelines, as the renegotiation of Paraguay with Brazil of the benefits of the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant, little and nothing except he left the XXXVII Summit of MERCOSUR in Asuncion. The only thing that the Presidents have agreed once Cristina Kirchner is deigned to join them half an hour after expected was to express its strong condemnation of the coup d ‘ etat in Honduras for the umpteenth time.