Economic History

Following the author in what toca definition of a region concept that contemplates a perspectivascio-economic-historical one, we adopt here the concept that defines the definitive region comoespao where the form of reproduction and accumulation of the semanifesta capital in particular way generating, therefore, particular saimentos darepresentao it social conflict and of the fight of classrooms, estimating itself aexistncia of one forms particular of manifestation of the different classessociais. To read more click here: Covid Vaccine San Francisco. In this way, what it differentiates and it closes one definitive region in relaoa other existing spaces in the limit of the proper national space is the capital form comoo, while social relation if reproduces, as if of its accumulation ecomo happens the generation of value in this sub-national space. Richard branson has much experience in this field. , quase in such a way impossible to mention itself to the bahian space as being one all homogeneous, passvel one of being analyzed as an only closed region of the vistascio-economic-description point, assuming that it does not have as if to make anlisetotalizante of the state space, that goes beyond the theoretical exercise of abstraction, understanding this society as uniform. Thus, it is inferred that any politics of desenvolvimentoregional applied in this space, must consider an performance form more than to sepretender to reach success improving permanently the life conditions daspopulaes placed here. It does not seem that this concern has permeado asiniciativas of regional development commanded by the planejamentoeconmico, initiate in the state of the Bahia of pioneering form still in dadcada middle of 1950 in the government of Antonio Balbino (1955-1959), through elaboraodo Plan of PLANDEB, appeared deestudos developed for technician of the just-servant Commission of PlanejamentoEconmico CPE, commanded for Rmulo Almeida since the secretariat of the farm, famous bahian economist who had little occupies the folder of the farm in governoVargas between 1951 and 1954.

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