Colorful, lively, cosmopolitan: the new blog section in Czech Republic online, which completes immediately, the range of information of the German-speaking Czech Republic Portal is available under this motto. Merrill Lynch shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Prague – facts and facts brings the Prague-based editorial in the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU every day since May 1, 2004. Useful for many, for some dry, same for everyone: short, impersonal, for information. That will remain so – and to be different but also thoroughly. “We have created with the blogs online a platform on Czech Republic for all who share their experiences, thoughts and opinions with others – just communicate – do.” Because behind the scenes of data, statistics and names are always people”, so the editor of Czech Republic online, Georg Pacurar. Talk and blogging can any editor or user, Czech Republic traveler or Expat living here”- with a personal blog or through comments, texts, photos, or video sequences. A playing field almost without content and formal restrictions on personal accounts, Comments and features that already demonstrated her versatility.

Curious? Then simply login () and register your blog in Czech Republic online. With the confirmation E-mail’s credentials and you’re ready to go with the blogging. To blogging from a technical perspective as easy as possible to make, we decided for WordPress, which is now probably most widely used CMS in this area – flexible, open, just ‘ user friendly’, explains Georg Pacurar. Who has no experience, you will find a guide in the blog FAQ. Should there still be problems, you simply refer to one of the Administrators (webmaster AT Czech Niels Kohler